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Ed Neyland

Can answer all questions relating to mold and why it is present in your home.

Renee D. Ward

Renee has expertise in various types of mold, common exposures to mold, moisture control, typical causes of mold in homes and businesses, mold prevention and control, and questions to ask when hiring a mold professional.

Daniel Cetrone

I am probably able to help you understand the mold problem you are having, why it is happening and what to do about it! Most mold problems small, thus easy and simple to remediate. Large mold problems are a different case! They can cause an entire home to be unhabitable!

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2016-09-08 Black Mold In My Apt:

Hi Jodi, you do have a problem that is for sure. The only way to stop the mold is stop the water and/or moisture from getting around and in that window. That has to be stopped from the outside. Ask them

2016-07-07 Mold, moisture in crawl space:

Hi Gary sounds like a serious problem from what you described. To prevent mold growth you need to stop the water from getting into the crawlspace.Also moisture in the air inside the crawl space needs to

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