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Mikayel Aslanyan

Furniture Repair, Antique Restoration, Disassembly, Assembly, Sofa / Couch Take apart,Refinishing, upholstery, take apart, Moving Damages, Insurance Claims, Sofa Couch Disassembling, Leather Vinyl dyeing

Paul Mayer

I have been disassembling and reassembling furniture for over 25yrs We are a specialty delivery company that has been all over the east coast. Most of my expiernce comes from the NY area where I have disassembled over 10,000 sofas.If there's something I know I kniow sofa's Any questions on upholstered products. Delivery of furniture. Repairs, problems replaceable components on furniture.Restoration questions,Remember there's always a way just wether or not you want to pay.

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2017-02-23 Will Sofas fit through:

Hi Natasha  I'm sorry but you talk about a hallway . Any obstruction is important. Need to know the width of hallway. Once through hallway do you have to make a right or left into the room?1st one won't

2017-02-21 sofa:

Hi Eileen  Here's my question. Are the one delivering the sofa or are there going to be real delivery men. The sofa length is smaller then the height of the door way so you can stand the sofa up and rotate

2017-02-21 Fit a Long Sofa Through a Short Door:

Hi Ted  So here's your problem. Since you have to go through a hallway you'll need the height of the sofa(28) to make through but to get to the room you want to go to is on either the left or right of

2017-02-20 Will couch fit?:

Hi Caroline  If its the city I know those stairwells :). So here are the problems that you need to look for. Now both pieces are either close to your height or smaller so if you can walk up the stairs

2017-02-19 Will sofa fit?:

Hi Hannah  This is the last sentence at the bottom of the page:  This item has been designed with home assembly needed to aid delivery to your home. Full instructions will be provided to ensure the assembly

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