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Mike Nourie

Solo Piano Jazz Improvisation, Performance, Bay Area

Jessica Vaughan

I can answer questions about the musical genres of folk, country, bluegrass, rock, swing, and early jazz. I can answer general questions about the performance of and history of country, bluegrass, rock, swing, dixieland, folk music, and early jazz, and also more specific questions pertaining to not-classical-music fiddle playing such as: technique (vibrato, bowing, reading/playing music, etc.), music theory, style, ear training, feel, tradition, culture, authenticity, execution of various classes of fiddle tunes (i.e. reel, jig, hoedown, waltz, strathspey, hornpipe, etc.) and improvising your own solos, fills, and breaks. I have some knowledge (limited) of recording artists or performers. I can answer questions about lyrics and titles, especially questions about what they mean (as they are filled with colloquialisms). I can also answer questions about violin/fiddle lessons (clarification, extra help, what to expect, suggestions, questions to ask, etc.). I CANNOT answer questions pertaining to: brand name, age, authenticity, value, worth, production, etc. or anything that has to do with major repairs.

***PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME WHAT YOUR INSTRUMENT IS WORTH*** (or anything to that affect). It is impossible to put a value on them sight-unseen because musical instruments need to be individually evaluated visually .....

The Doctor

I answer a variety of questions about musicians. I have multiple music degrees and years of experience in the field.

When asking your question:
1. Please be clear in your message.
2. Provide actual question(s).
3. Please keep it short and concise.
4. Save my one-question-per-day for someone else if you can find the answer on your own.

Stephen Saxon

Vocal Jazz: solo and ensemble performing; arranging for voices or instrumental ensembles; improvisation; creative group dynamics; sight reading. Classical and Choral Voice: Ensemble singing; section leading; sight singing; performance practices (ancient through modern). Klezmer / Jewish Music: Klezmer (instrumental) repertoire and styles; authentic representation of traditional klezmer style; pushing the envelope of klezmer music; transcriptions and notation of melodies and ornamentation; traditional cantorial vocal interpretation. Instrumental Jazz: Improvisation and theory; jazz interpretation; arranging; music copying (parts preparation); using Finale (music preparation software). Trumpet: Professional trumpet player for over thirty years - all styles.

Nicholas Quarrier

I specialize in the prevention and care of music-related injuries. (overuse, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, etc). Questions about the treatment of injuries, questions about instrumental posture and positioning are all within my specialty.


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