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Sean Caruana Webster

* Please be aware that I am en expert in Greek MYTHOLOGY, not history * I can answer quite a few questions regarding Classical Greek & Roman Mythology. Since answers can be sent by email, I may also include descriptive pictures also to help you understand better about the character or story your query is about.

William C. Uchtman

I have done research into gods and goddesses and have written brief descriptions of them. I have attempted to scale out family trees as I have already seen with the Olympian gods. I have tried to condense entire pantheons by attributing extra names or aliases to one deity. I have also made efforts to parallel myths with ancient history. I am not an expert nor do I hold any degrees. I am a self-taught person with a lot of otherwise useless information.

Frank Terveen

I am a long time member of mythological creatures here at all experts I specialize in Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology I also have a lot of knowledge of cross over usage of mythology in books and current day affairs


Greek and Roman mythology are my area of expertise.

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2016-10-18 Greek mythology:

Hello,    after Icarus death Daedalus, who had  made wings and fitted them to himself as well as to his son Icarus, flew to the island of Sicily where he was welcomed by the King Cocalus, who gave him

2016-10-14 Phorcys and Astraeus:

Oh I see. Well I will add to your list of animal symbols as follows:     Zeus- bull  Hera- cow, cuckoo  Apollo- dolphin  Artemis- hound  Aphrodite- dove  ****************  Demeter- winged snake/ dragon

2016-10-12 Phorcys and Astraeus:

Hi William,    well to be quite honest I haven't come across these descriptions relating to Phorkys & Astraeus. The former was indeed a chthonic marine deity and, like his sister-wife Keto, was abominable

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