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Sean Caruana Webster

* Please be aware that I am en expert in Greek MYTHOLOGY, not history * I can answer quite a few questions regarding Classical Greek & Roman Mythology. Since answers can be sent by email, I may also include descriptive pictures also to help you understand better about the character or story your query is about.

Frank Terveen

I am a long time member of mythological creatures here at all experts I specialize in Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology I also have a lot of knowledge of cross over usage of mythology in books and current day affairs

William C. Uchtman

I have done research into gods and goddesses and have written brief descriptions of them. I have attempted to scale out family trees as I have already seen with the Olympian gods. I have tried to condense entire pantheons by attributing extra names or aliases to one deity. I have also made efforts to parallel myths with ancient history. I am not an expert nor do I hold any degrees. I am a self-taught person with a lot of otherwise useless information.


Greek and Roman mythology are my area of expertise.

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2016-12-09 Greek Mythology:

Hi Zach, apologies for my late reply and I hope you are still in time to apply these answers to your questions for help!    1) Mythology in itself is rich in ancient culture and helps in revealing how

2016-12-04 Janus Family Tree and Myth:

I'm afraid there's not much I can tell you about Janus. He was a strictly Roman god and there aren't any genealogy or stories about him. I read once he was the son of Apollo, but I can't confirm that anywhere

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