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Dr. Naomi Abrams, OTR/L, CEAS

I can answer questions regarding prevention and management of back and neck injuries as related to how you work, play, or take care of yourself and home. As both an occupational therapist and ergonomics expert I can help answer questions about strategies to reduce musculoskeletal strain with daily tasks. My background is in occupational therapy and I am able to answer questions regarding specific medical injuries and workers compensation. I cannot answer question regarding medications or medical treatment outside of therapy practice.

Dr. Steve Ornstein

I can answer questions regarding neck and back pain treatment and general musculoskeletal conditions. Acute, chronic and degenerative conditions using various methods; exercise, rehabilitation, traction. Pain relief methods and professional quality products via website at which can be used at home.

Dr. Peter Carr

I can answer spine related issues, as well as golf, running, and whiplash related issues. I run a very busy practice in Downtown Seattle, Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic, and sometimes do not get to answer questions every day, but when I do, I'll try my best to answer the question(s) you have.

Gary Crowley

I can provide step by step instructions and video tutorials on how to self-administer joint pain relief to every area of the body, such as back, neck, jaw, hands, knees, etc. My website provides this service for free to any and all visitors. If you are willing to learn a few very simple techniques there is a very good chance I can show you how to relieve your own chronic joint pain.

Lawrence Gold

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Dr. Timothy K. Durnin

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returns 12/31/2016
I can easily answer any questions dealing with head, neck and low back pain.

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2016-11-29 Sciatica & more:

You need to see the doctor, locally, IMMEDIATELY.  There is a CHANCE, however small, that what you are experiencing is CAUDA EQUINA SYNDROME, and it's serious.  It's where the disc, or something else,

2016-11-11 Muscle Weakness/Traction Device:

Hi Ralph,    First, I would think cervicocranial exercises would be a beneficial approach; your judgement would suffice the necessity for a Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback Device and/or DC/PT specialist

2016-11-02 Neck pain:

Hi Charlotte,    The findings indicate degenerative changes and will give a pretty thorough explanation of the findings with pictures.    At

2016-09-19 cracked sternum:

Hi Maria,    6 months is common for ligament and/or tendon injuries. Being that there were sterno-clavicular injuries, this brings about some necessity for therapeutic intervention; namely Physical Therapy

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