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Dr. Shamik Shah, MD, DNB (Nephrology), ISN Fellow

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returns 11/05/2016
I can answer all questions related to kidney diseases, hypertension, plasmapheresis and kidney transplantation. I am an Indian-Board certified Nephrologist. I was a post-Doctoral Scholar at the Division of Nephrology & Hypertension,Department of Medicine, University of California, San Diego. My area of interest is Critical care Nephrology and Acute Kidney Injury.

Please mention the units in which your lab results were reported and the normal reference range for your laboratory.

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2016-09-22 Edema:

Jill,    Thanks for asking my opinion on Allexperts.    May I ask what prompted you to ask a question about an event that occurred 1.5 years ago?    Now, to your question: I would have ordered a spot urine

2016-08-31 Required Advise for my brother:

Adil,    Thanks for asking my opinion on Allexperts.    The test result that you have sent suggests that the patient may be having an infection. Based on the patient's symptoms, a culture of blood, urine

2016-08-18 What does all this mean?:

Hi Razan,    Thanks for asking my opinion on Allexperts.    The lab results that you have attached for kidney function and electrolyte levels are within normal limits. A spot urine creatinine alone is

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