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Calvin Iwashita

All general car repairs for all models of vehicles, except technicals (overhauls) on A/C systems and transmissions.

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2016-08-17 Car stereo has a buzzing/high pitch noise when on:

Hi Josh -    Sorry for the late reply.    Most likely it is the alternator causing this buzz. Operationally it may be charging, but sometimes the internal resistor may be defective and causes the buzz

2016-08-03 Nissan 2009 alarn:

Hi Maureen -    What is the model of your Nissan?    Also, is this a factory alarm system or aftermarket installation?    The fuse should be an in line fuse if aftermarket, however that just controls the

2016-07-31 Nissan sunny jacking:

Hi Paul -    When you say jacking do you mean that it misses? Like skipping a beat?    Does this happen during idle, or only going up hills or accelerating, or both?    Is is steady or random?    The more

2016-07-26 1985 Nissan 720 2.0L misfires:

Hi Richard -    Although primitive, this engine does have an antiquated version of and OBD 1 system.    Anyway, the only 2 things that do not activate the CEL is the distributor module and the fuel pump

2016-07-25 Nissan Altima:

Hi Brad -    Yes. This will bypass the starter inhibit circuit. the 2 wires are the circuit that goes to the starter solenoid, which is interrupted by the inhibit system. By jumping the 2 wires, you bypass

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