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Calvin Iwashita

All general car repairs for all models of vehicles, except technicals (overhauls) on A/C systems and transmissions.

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2015-07-02 Reason for leak & overheating:

Hi Stephanie -    Your overheating may be coming from your thermostat. If the car starts overheating after only about 10 - 20 minutes after you start it as you say, then replace your thermostat. I do not

2015-07-01 02 sensor:

Hi Clem -    Not sure if I understand your question, but I will try to target my answer.    The CAT does cause a certain amount of back pressure in the exhaust which can rob both gas mileage and power

2015-07-01 o2 sensor:

Hi Clem -    No problem. I repair a LOT of Hondas too.    I answered your questions backwards, I am sorry.    There is no change in fuel economy if your O2 sensors are not working. Their function is to

2015-06-25 1993 nissan maxima gxe drinks up gas:

Hi Jamie -    Have you figured out your gas mileage per gallon?     Have you noticed leaks, fuel smells, etc?    If you do not see visible fuel leaks, cracks in your fuel lines, etc, then ensure your car

2015-06-22 1997 300ZX Electrical problem:

Hi Eileen -    First thing I would check is the brake pedal grommet. This is a little rubber piece that attaches to the brake pedal shaft. It is located above the brake pedal into the lower dash area.

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