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Calvin Iwashita

All general car repairs for all models of vehicles, except technicals (overhauls) on A/C systems and transmissions.

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2016-12-03 1985 sentra:

Hi Tom -    My first inclination is to think there is a vacuum leak. Are you familiar with vacuum lines and how to trace a leak? You will need some carburetor cleaner aerosol.    Secondly, I need to ask

2016-12-03 1997 cefiro sw:

Hi Ben -     Sounds to me like your wheels need balancing. Since you are talking about steering, I am assuming the problem lies with the front tires. If the entire car feels like it is shaking, then I

2016-11-29 Nissan pulsar n15 v plus series 1999:

Hi Luke -    You will need to loosen the idler pulley first, I think it is a 14mm bolt. Move it to loosen the belt and tighten the bolt in place. Remove and replace the belt. It is a serpentine belt, so

2016-11-07 seat belts:

Hi Jimmy    Normally I do not recommend repairing these due to safety reasons. It is relatively simple to replace anyway.some types use a star   (Torx) bolt so ensure you have all you need. The retrCtor

2016-10-26 How to determine timing with visible marks on chain/sprockets:

Hi Steve -    Sorry about that. I did not see any engine size specified so i assumed it was the larger one.    Unfortunately I do not have that diagram. I tried searching but could not find. You might

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