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Calvin Iwashita

All general car repairs for all models of vehicles, except technicals (overhauls) on A/C systems and transmissions.

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2016-04-28 2008 Nissan Pathfinder won't start:

Hi Gwen -    Sorry for the late reply -    What happened was your battery probably ran down so now it is only clicking.    First of all the battery needs to be recharged. Then we have to find out why it

2016-04-27 2008 Nissan Pathfinder won't start:

Hi Gwen -    The faulty starting system will usually not cause the check engine light to come on.    I will need more information -    What happens when you try to start you truck?  Does the motor spin

2016-04-25 Nissan primera alarm:

Hi Joel -    The only thing else is perhaps the FOB has lost its programming and needs "learning" to your system.    This is usually a dealer function so you might want to give your nearest Nissan car

2016-04-25 nissan sentra 1997 won't start no crank:

Hi Paula -    If it is not the starter, the battery needs to be checked:    1. Do a load test on the battery (besides the voltage test).  2. Check all connections for tightness and clean (terminals, all

2016-04-20 1997 Nissan Pickup (Hardbody):

Hi John -    The air bag is activated by a crash sensor, located in the lower part of the steering column. I will deploy if the vehicle hit a solid wall or barrier at 10 - 15 MPH, or another vehicle at

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