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Calvin Iwashita

All general car repairs for all models of vehicles, except technicals (overhauls) on A/C systems and transmissions.

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2017-03-12 90 d21 overheating:

Hi Cameron -    Can you tell me how it is overheating?    Running for about 10 - 20 minutes, or driving a few miles before overheating? Only overheating in stop and go traffic?    Could be a number of

2017-03-04 Keyless Entry Key Pad Repair or Replacement:

Hi EJ -    The only way you can get a new FOB is from the dealer, programmed especially for your vehicle.    Have you tried replacing the battery? Sometimes that works, ad it requires more juice to operate

2017-02-25 2000 maxima:

Hi Cory -    Can you tell me if the check engine light is on?    If so, i will need the OBD code.    If not, then yes, it could be the fuel system because that is not monitored by the car computer.   

2017-02-10 Nissan Frontier 2000 EGR monitor Incomplete:

Hi Jenny -    I'll try to explain it as briefly as possible. Start the car and let it idle for @ 2 minutes (open loop, O2 sensors not being used by ECU) and once the coolant temp reaches @ 158C/70C, the

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