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Calvin Iwashita

All general car repairs for all models of vehicles, except technicals (overhauls) on A/C systems and transmissions.

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2015-04-18 hesitation when stopping, misfire:

Hi Michelle -    No. Should not be a problem if you keep driving it.    The only 2 components that do not activate the check engine light when they fail is the fuel pump/pressure, and the ignition module

2015-04-18 hesitation when stopping, misfire:

Hi Michelle -      Usually there is an ID for the misfire, such as "Cyl #2 misfire:", or "random misfire". Is it one of those?    Alternately, if you give me the number of the OBD code (starts with P0)

2015-04-13 1999 Quest rear side windows:

Hi Bruce -    I apologize, I did not see your reply until now.    This is weird that the rear windows do not work. It is usually the driver's side front that fails first because of excessive use.    If

2015-04-12 1999 Quest hatch removal:

Hi Bruce -    The connectors are located in the panel of the hatch. Remove the plastic panel of the hatch by prying it away from the door. You will have to remove some screws, such as at the pull handle

2015-04-12 Nissan Quest Drum Brakes no wear:

Hi Bruce -    Ahh yes. I remember those days. I was a junior in high school and racing my souped up Plymouth.    Anyway, yes, this is not unusual. Normally the drum brakes get little to no use, unless

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