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Mel and Guyna Horne

We will direct you to the scriptures that can help you to answer for yourself, any serious question about the Bible, Christian Living, or Bible study. We can answer many questions about the history of the Christian churches and about comparative theology. We can discuss why many are leaving denominational, traditional and institutional churches to seek a real and meaningful relationship with God through personal Bible study, private prayers and meditation on God's word. Christian fellowship can be enjoyable and beneficial and teachers can sometimes be helpful, but salvation is between you and God through Christ, who died so that you can have direct access to God apart from any human priesthood (Heb.7:23-27).

Pastor Ron

I feel comfortable answering questions regarding those practices of Christianity that are not in line with the Holy Scriptures. I believe that I can answer questions about the Law of GOD and it's application for professing believers in JESUS today. I can help folks understand what GOD'S Word says on a variety of subjects like; Personal Discipleship, Holy Spirit, Marriage & Family, Holiness, Grace, Demonology, Prophecy, the Last Days, etc. I may not know all of the answers, but I know someone who does!

Joel Bjorling

I can anwer questions on theological topics, Christian spirituality, and religious education.

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2017-01-09 suffering:

Is the suffering physical (and or) emotional? If the suffering is physical, you'd need to see a doctor.  About 12 years ago, I had knee surgery.  At first, it is very painful to put weight on an operated

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