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Most questions on number theory, divisibility, primes, Euclidean algorithm, Fermat`s theorem, Wilson`s theorem, factorisation, euclidean algorithm, diophantine equations, Chinese remainder theorem, group theory, congruences, continued fractions.

Clyde Oliver

I can answer all questions up to, and including, graduate level mathematics. I am more likely to prefer questions beyond the level of calculus. I can answer any questions, from basic elementary number theory like how to prove the first three digits of powers of 2 repeat (they do, with period 100, starting at 8), all the way to advanced mathematics like proving Egorov's theorem or finding phase transitions in random networks. I do not understand why Number Theory is not included in "Advanced Mathematics."

Scott A Wilson

I can answer almost anything that is sent in. If I can't, I'll let you know, but I don't expect that to happen much.

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2017-01-07 Joint Proportionality:

Hello Kenneth  I misunderstood your question.  It is the number of gallons that is the dependent variable which is directly proportional to the number of miles and to the number of trips.  g = kmt, so

2017-01-03 Joint Proportionality:

Hello Kenneth  I agree with your calculation of k.  But miles per gallon was not one of the variables.  Clearly if you increase the number of miles per gallon, you decrease gallons per trip, so these are

2016-12-04 Geometric Progression:

Hello Isabel  You are given that ABC is a straight line.  There are two similar triangles in the figure.  Calling the heights of the three, x,y and z, where x>y>z, then using the similar triangles gives

2016-12-02 Sequences:

Hello Isabel  It can't.  When you have irrationals in the denominator, the trick is to multiply Numerator and denominator by the surd conjugate of the denominator.  In this case it is √(7r-3) + √

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