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returns 04/14/2017
Please note: I don't do free readings here. That means if you ask for something my clients pay for, your question will be rejected. I will also reject questions about seeing the same numbers over and over. Instead of asking me this or a related question, please see this blog post:

I'm happy to answer general numerology questions, as well as questions about, for example, identifying a particular Life Path, Soul Urge (Vowel Total), or other basic modern numerology considerations.

For instance, you might ask, "At what age does the primary cycle of time associated with my Day of Birth number end (common modern numerology cycle) if my date of birth is March 7, 1958?"

Or, you might ask about the significance of a certain number, such as 7 or 9. Or, you might ask about any other facet of number mysticism.

Also, if your question relates to numerology and colors, “lucky numbers (lotto, etc.),” or other trivial considerations, I won't answer it. My expertise involves the application of ancient forms of numerology (and astrology) to interpret personal fate, and .....


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