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Lawrence Sanchez CSN, CPFC, RI, PT, TBMI

I am able to answer questions in regards to losing weight, proper nutrition and exercise while losing weight,diet modification, and preparing healthy nutritious food while dieting. I can also help people by explaining the importance of BMI, BMR,and body fat. I can help people with no meat types of diets and special diets. I can help those who need information about beginning a running regimen. One of my favorite subjects to answer questions about is organic life style and whole foods.

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2016-08-29 Zinc serum Value 234:

In many cases high zinc levels can be attributed to your current diet, but there are others where they can signify a problem  such as hypocupremia. This may be something you should talk to your doctor

2016-08-10 Losing too much weight:

In general most people will  lose between 6 and 10 pounds during their first two weeks of dieting. This of course is mostly  water weight . The recommended amount of weight to lose per week is no more

2016-08-10 Weight Loss:

Exercise is great , but it needs to be combined with proper nutrition in order to be effective. Also sleep and reduced stress has a part in weight lose. If you combine all these things together in the

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