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Lawrence Sanchez CSN, CPFC, RI, PT, TBMI

I am able to answer questions in regards to losing weight, proper nutrition and exercise while losing weight,diet modification, and preparing healthy nutritious food while dieting. I can also help people by explaining the importance of BMI, BMR,and body fat. I can help people with no meat types of diets and special diets. I can help those who need information about beginning a running regimen. One of my favorite subjects to answer questions about is organic life style and whole foods.


Czech Republic
I can answer questions related to general nutrition, fitness nutrition, bodybuilding nutrition, weight loss nutrition, healthy lifestyle nutrition.

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2017-03-26 Prostate Health:

I use turmeric supplements 7 days a week, there are studies in regards to it lowering blood pressure, reduce inflammation , and shrink tumors. I also take saw palmetto three times a week to maintain a

2017-03-26 Prostate Health:

Testosterone and estrogen are needed. Low levels of estrogen are associated with osteoporosis. Low levels of testosterone are associated with fatigue, lack of sex drive, and weight gain as well as lack

2017-03-01 Belly:

Eating raw vegetables is one thing you can do to help repair your fatty liver. Drink raw veggie juice. Eat less carbs, increase exercise, subtract sugar from diet. All these things will help you . The

2017-03-01 Belly:

Deep seated visceral fat is the most dangerous. This is  the fat that will kill you if left unchecked. Consistency in proper eating habits will eventually take care of this for you. A combination of diet

2017-02-18 Omega-3:

Omega's may increase the effect of the warfarin or Coumadin, this inturn may cause you to bleed much more if cut. Because of your medicine it may also cause a drop in blood pressure or if you have diabieties

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