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Dr. Naomi Abrams, OTR/L, CEAS

I can answer questions regarding office, healthcare, and industrial ergonomics as well as general health and safety issues. I specialize in macro-ergonomics which deals with both individual issues (such as injuries and prevention) as well as corporate/organizational prevention plans. This includes working with companies that are interested in creating company-wide safety programs, health programs, and intervention strategies. My background is in occupational therapy and I am able to answer questions regarding specific medical injuries and workers compensation. This also makes me uniquely qualified to speak on the aging workforce and modifications specific to that population. I cannot answer questions regarding OSHA regulations and legal issues. While I know some things about manufacturing, I am not an engineer and tend to refer some of those questions to others.

Jacob Schock

Occupational health, risk & exposure assessment, incident investigation. Health effects of chemicals

Dr Manohar Gemawat

Industrial Medicine, Occupational health, How job task can make impact on health of individual or how health of an individual can affect particular job. Ergonomic related issues, How to reduce job absenteeism, How to reduce health risk in specific work place?

MW Consulting, LLC

Our company can answer questions relating to occupational health and safety. We have experience in common OSHA issues facing the oil & gas industry. Primarily we engage in designing, creating, and implementing training programs for businesses to promote efficiency and increase awareness. Thus, we can answer questions relating to employee training programs so as to promote effective, internal safety programs. Our representatives cannot answer specific legal questions or offer advice on how to get around OSHA regulations. Also, we encourage EHS students to do their own homework and research, but will entertain questions for legitimate educational purposes. Please visit for more information.

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