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Occupational (OSHA) and Environmental Hazards/Experts

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Suzan L. Jackson

I HAVE NO EXPERTISE IN OHS OR ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATORY ISSUES. Can answer questions related to ISO 14000 standards and implementation of environmental management systems (EMS). Also specialize in integrated management systems, including EH&S and/or quality. Have experience integrating ISO 14000 with Process Safety Management (PSM). Over 12 years of direct experience implementing quality and environmental management systems to the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards. Assisted in the development of the ISO 14001 standard. Author of THE ISO 14001 IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE (Wiley, 1997).

Duane A. Perkinson

preventing computer workplace related repetitive stress injuries in both the cubicle and home office (telecommuter) environments, inquiries regarding both furniture and computer accessories to keep employees safe and productive, vision difficulites related to computer operation

Dr. Henry Boyter, Jr.

No homework or other schoolwork! The question will be rejected. If you have not searched, do so before posting. If you are a student, give your grade and course. Everyone, explain the purpose and context for the question.
Experience in the area
Chemistry (non-biochemistry), environmental science, occupational health and safety, environmental regulation and management, environmental engineering, and wastewater engineering. I'm the Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety and the Director of Research at the Institute of Textile Technology.

Jane Coombs

I am based in the UK and advise industry, OH practitioners and businesses for the past 25 years on Occupational Health and Health and Safety matters.

Occupational (OSHA) and Environmental Hazards

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