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returns 10/08/2016
Physical oceanography, surface and internal wave characteristics, ocean currents, fluid mechanics, geophysical fluid dynamics, ocean optics, coastal dynamics, modeling and simulation, data analysis, El Nino and related large scale dynamics Not an expert in marine biology (some in bioluminescence) or chemical oceanography

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2016-08-28 Megalodon:

Hi Tegan,    My expertise is in physical oceanography, not marine biology or paleontology, so I'm sorry I cannot provide an authoritative answer to your question.    Nonetheless, I suggest you Google megalodon

2016-07-24 Density:

In a gravitational field, yes.     This is sort of technical but density really refers to a concentration of MASS. A golf ball has more mass/volume ( = density ) than a ping-pong ball. We usually refer

2016-07-23 Density:

Basically density means how heavy an object is for a given size. As an example, compare a ping-pong ball (low density --> light) with a golf ball (higher density --> heavier). Since the 2 types of balls

2016-07-06 Cceans Rivers Interface:

Hi Mahmoud,    The reason oceans/seas don't mix with rivers, thus turning them salty (which I believe is what you mean by 'engulf') is because a) rivers are at a higher elevation and b) salty water is

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