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Donald Higby, M.D.

I can answer almost all questions related to the treatment and natural course of most kinds of cancer, especially cancers of prostate, colon, lung and breast.

Claes-Gustaf Nordquist, M.D.

Questions concerning Cancer, Oncology, radiation Therapy, Tumours, Chemotherapy, Cytotoxic Drugs, Hormonal Therapy, Radiation Protection.

Doug Bank

I know a great deal about all aspect of testicular cancer. I am a testicular cancer survivor, and have run a testicular cancer website since 1996. If I do not know the answer to a question, I have access to a number of my own world-class experts to get the correct answer. Please note that I am not an expert when it comes to other cancers. If your question involves something other than testicular cancer or a cancer of that general region, please ask another expert.

Sidharth Ghosh

I can motivate and inspire the cancer patients and their family members not to give up the fight and even provide them guidance and references of the doctors and medication depending on the type of cancer and area they are located

Dr M Khalid Munir

I can answer questions about the correct guideline for treatment of cancers to achieve best results. I can analyze signs and symptoms to identify cancer. I can tell about many good treatment methods recognized by American Cancer Society and NIH which have been developed recently through credible cancer research.

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2016-12-01 Swollen hard occipital lymph nodes.:

Without examining you I can't really tell what is going on.  IF however you have an area that is clearly getting larger, I would strongly advise a needle biopsy if the MRI you had does not suggest that

2016-11-24 Diagnosis of cancer:

Sorry about that! Based on these findings the most probable sources would be her gastro-intestinal tract and her gynecological area though other areas are also possible. I do suggest that her doctors should

2016-11-21 Diagnosis of cancer:

A malignancy seems probable but it is too early to try to point in any specific direction. All what has been suggested with regards to further investigations seem to be examples of good planning especially

2016-11-16 Braca Testing:

In general Braca testing is recommended if you have a near relative with breast cancer before  the age of 50, two relatives with breast cancer, two with ovarian cancer, or one with both breast and ovarian

2016-10-30 Chest x ray:

We do know that sometimes cancer can go from "nothing" to inoperable in a short time.  However, that situation is very rare.  We also know that for lung cancer to produce symptoms, it probably is big enough

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