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Majid Jamali, D.M.D. Fellowship trained in corrective jaw surgery

Diplomate, American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Full scope Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery, Genioplasty and Anesthesiology I have completed an additional two years of fellowships in orthognathic surgery and anesthesiology field.

Joel S. Teig, DMD, Diplomate ABOMS, retired

I am a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon available to answer questions related to tooth extractions, implant insertion, facial recontruction, facial and oral tumor removal, TMJ dysfunction and various successful treatments, including surgery if all else fails, and occlusal discrepancy requiring orthognathic or jaw surgery.

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2017-01-22 Where ?:

Sanjay - there is no comparison between the size of the cyst, its expansion and its location and infringement on other anatomical structure.  Your cyst removal should be quite simple if done by a skilled

2017-01-18 Where ?:

Sanjay -  first of all, age is not criterion for surgical abilities.  In fact, many of the best surgeons throughout the world are in their late 60s and some almost 80.  Many young doctors are excellent

2017-01-15 Where ?:

Sanjay - first of all, you should be asking your doctor these questions.  He is designing and performing the surgery.  I don't know his plans.  Just like when someone drives their car to a place from where

2017-01-09 suspected hole in gum 7 wks post sinus lift with bone graft:

kristina -  I cannot be completely sure without examining you, but from your description of what you have experience, especially with the water in your mouth causing water into your nose, it sounds like

2017-01-06 ?:

Sunday-based on the appearance of the cysts with a contained smooth circumscribed solid bony border, the appear nothing like cancerous lesions.    Precancerous lesions are areas in bone or soft tissue

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