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Majid Jamali, D.M.D. Fellowship trained in corrective jaw surgery

Diplomate, American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Full scope Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery, Genioplasty and Anesthesiology I have completed an additional two years of fellowships in orthognathic surgery and anesthesiology field.

Joel S. Teig, DMD, Diplomate ABOMS, retired

I am a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon available to answer questions related to tooth extractions, implant insertion, facial recontruction, facial and oral tumor removal, TMJ dysfunction and various successful treatments, including surgery if all else fails, and occlusal discrepancy requiring orthognathic or jaw surgery.

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2016-10-22 Biopsy of scar tissue or leukoplakia?:

Erik -  if the dentist are not sure what is going on and you are not comfortable with what is there, having a biopsy is a simple, mostly painless examination.  Get yourself peace of mind and get the biopsy

2016-10-22 Lesion on lip:

Scotty -  Let me ask you if the pimple looked like a tiny blister?  What you are describing and the location seems to indicate that you suffered from a blockage of a small duct that brings lubricating

2016-10-18 Biopsy of scar tissue or leukoplakia?:

Erik- there is nothing wrong with having that test.  One thing from your description does not include a hairy appearance just a sensation.  A hairy sensation without a hairy appearance does not sound like

2016-10-12 Biopsy of scar tissue or leukoplakia?:

Erik there is a way to provide a picture.  It is located at the end of your submission.  Anyway, it it not unusual in the area you describe to  get irritated reactions that can make the area look unusual

2016-10-10 2nd opinion on possible implant:

Andrew, as you say, the films are not of the best quality, but from what I see, the extent of damage to the teeth will make it difficult to repair them and restore the strength they need to still function

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