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Majid Jamali, D.M.D. Fellowship trained in corrective jaw surgery

Diplomate, American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Full scope Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery, Genioplasty and Anesthesiology I have completed an additional two years of fellowships in orthognathic surgery and anesthesiology field.

Joel S. Teig, DMD, Diplomate ABOMS, retired

I am a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon available to answer questions related to tooth extractions, implant insertion, facial recontruction, facial and oral tumor removal, TMJ dysfunction and various successful treatments, including surgery if all else fails, and occlusal discrepancy requiring orthognathic or jaw surgery.

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2017-02-18 Was my sliding genioplasty unnecessary? What happened to my chin?:

Jackie -  Most likely an exact duplication of what you originally had will not occur.  Scar tissue from the surgeries will alter the skin attachments and appearance.  That can hopefully be taken into account

2017-02-17 Was my sliding genioplasty unnecessary? What happened to my chin?:

Jackie - First of all, the lack of functioning of the bottom lip should resolve with time and seeing a physical or speech therapist to work on restoring the proper function of the muscles of the lower

2017-02-12 Intra Venous Question:

Sanjay -  The dark areas are either cysts or areas of infection, like I have told you in the past.  The larger areas above these that are gray in color are the sinuses, but one has nothing to do with the

2017-02-08 Intra Venous Question:

Absolutely no!! If done properly, the removal of cysts done with sedation and local anesthesia should produce a little soreness, easily controlled with mild pain medication.  A long term use of pain medication

2017-02-06 Apicectomy:

Ruby -  A white pimple like area occurring after the apicoectomy is performed usually indicates either residual infection or scar tissue from the site of the previous infection.  To make sure that the

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