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Wayne King

Any question about orchid culture. I have thirty+ yrs of growing experience,president 2x of our local Orchid Growers Guild,held a position in most all other offices associated with the Guild at one time or another. Head of Orchid judging team for local club meetings and some shows. Member of two Orchid Socities and local Rep.for Mid America Orchid Congress for several yrs.I have in my collection about 800 Orchid plants of all types.

Daniel Thompson

I can answer any general culture, buying guidance, and mounting questions. I may not be able to answer any species specific questions unless it is a species that I have previous experience with.

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2016-08-29 Watering problem?:

It is not unusual for an old flower spike to die back.  It is, however, unusual for it to die back before flowering.  If the plant is otherwise healthy, a new flower spike can emerge regardles of the status

2016-08-15 Orchid planted in moss:

Joanne.  I recommend that you repot it in a fir-bark based orchid mix. A bag of this can be obtained at Lowes, Home Depot, or any local orchid grower.  However, I would hold off on the repottting until

2016-07-26 Orchids:

Jackie, this is called a keiki.  Yes, it can be potted up after separation from the old flower spike.  Favorable results are best when you wait until the keiki has roots at least  5 cm in length.  Then

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