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Frank and Vicky Giannangelo

We will research and answer all questions about organic gardening, soil building, square foot gardening, composting, mulching, planting techniques, sustainable gardening, sustainability, garden design, and how to create a simple reflection pool to attract birds and wildlife. Over the years we have learned that plants respond to the garden's aesthetics, soil conditions, and the attitude of the gardener. The healthier the soil and soul, the healthier the plants become, and are therefore more able to resist insect attacks.

Long Island Gardener

There is NO EXCUSE today for a gardener to use chemicals. Perfect Lawns? Pristine Roses? Immaculate Flowers all Summer long? If you live in the Northeast/Atlantic Coast, I'll guide you down the non-toxic road to Organica - and you will not believe how easy it can be. Yes, it can be complicated, but backing off from Ortho and Scotts is not as hard as you think. Your neighbors won't believe their eyes. I have intelligent answers on soil care, bug killing, weed control and fungus-freedom!

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2016-11-08 Packaged soil vs adding nutrients:

Miracle Grow, and others, actually have organic fertilizers now....  these are all available on if you can't

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