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Rabbi Ari Shishler

South Africa
I am a rabbi who loves teaching, through writing and speaking. In 1999, my wife and I started our own Chabad House and it's grown exponentially. I'm also the learning director at Chabad House of Johannesburg, a high school teacher and the father of young children. As you can imagine, I get to answer lots of questions every day. I'd be glad to answer your questions on Judaism, Jewish spirituality and practice.


I can answer any questions about orthodox Judaism, especially the laws that relate to women. No question too big or small, and never be embarrassed to ask - it's the only way you'll find out!

Ovadiah ben Avraham

Willing to answer and research general Halakhah questions in any field, including medical ethics. No synagogue or ritual type questions except by non-Jews looking for a brief summary.

Eli Hadar

If you are a Jewish person who has been approached by missionaries and who is considering leaving the Jewish faith, please let me know and I will help you see how beautiful and moreover how right the Jewish religion is. Don't leave the truth of your fathers before you resolve the facts for yourself, and I can help you on that journey.

Tzvi Frank

As a scholar of Judaic Studies & Ethics for close to 25 years, I am happy to answer any of your questions regarding Jewish Law and its meaning as well as general Jewish philosophy. Thousands of years of Jewish religious scholarship teaches us to always ask questions. From the Talmud to this very day, scholars have been consistently questioning premises and concepts that exist in Jewish thought. Never be afraid to ask! The answer may change your life. I will not answer questions pertaining to Christianity or Jesus.

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2016-09-17 800 servants:

Hi AJ,    There is a Midrash to that effect.  However it is taken entirely out of context.  What the Midrash says is that When Moshiach comes the world will no longer see strife, the evil inclination will

2016-08-26 the rights and duties of a Jewish King:

Hi Patrick    Thank you for your question. Isn't it odd, yet so common, that people would simply accept "too many", without questioning how much is "too much"?    As you have noted, the Talmud concludes

2016-08-18 Old testament canonization:

Hi. The five Books of Moses were canonized immediately upon their reception at Har Sinai. The additional 24 Books of the Prophets were written over a large period of time by the recognized prophets of

2016-08-15 path to G-d:

Thanks for the follow up. I'm not sure of the Muslim understanding or belief in hell, so I really can't answer your first question other than to say that Jews do not believe a compassionate G-d could sentence

2016-08-14 path to G-d:

Thank you for your kind question. First let me say that both of your initial premises are not 100% accurate in that a good number of Christians now believe that there is more than one path to G-d and Islam

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