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I'm willing to answer any questions about Persian culture and Persian language.

Stacie Valle

I can answer questions about Norway or the Norwegian language. I can also answer questions about American Sign Language and Deaf culture as a whole. I can provide translation help between Norwegian and English as long as the text is limited in length.

Sindhu Menon

I am from Kerala State in India, and I can answer most questions regarding the Culture of Kerala and Malaylam language and literature. I can also answer questions about Hindi literature and a pan-Indian culture to some extent

James Rezende Piton

Feel free to ask about the grammar and history of the international auxiliary language Esperanto and also about my mother tongue, Portuguese. I can provide some translation from that languages to English or French.

Dina Khaled

I am Egyptian; Arabic is my mother tongue. I can answer any question about Arabic language including Fus-ha Arabic, Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. I can also answer questions about Arabic language grammar, as well as questions about Arabic < > English translation. I can answer questions about Egyptian culture and questions about English and Arabic linguistics and linguistics in general. I can answer most questions about Arabic literature and Egyptian History.

Kedar Desai

I can answer the questions related with Indian Culture and Marathi Language

Susan Alder

I'm eager to help anyone who is struggling with Finnish language, culture, history etc.

Mojtaba Parsa

As you may know, Persian culture is one of the most ancient cultures in the world. This enormous volume of antiquity has always been affected by different cultures through the passage of history: National beliefs, language, religion, borders, etc. I can answer you about Persian culture before and after Islam - which is known as a milestone in Iranian history, and also about the various languages spoken by Iranians, and give you translations in today's Iran's official language, Farsi (Persian). I have a full access to Iranian books, scripts and antique artistic industries. For those of you who are interested in having a valuable Persian piece of text or art, this is the rightest place to be. Sincerely, Mojtaba

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