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Wayne Tucker

I can answer your questions about caving in temperate region limestone caves. I know well most lighting systems, clothing options, gear choices, safety concerns, weather patterns, etc. I can identify most formations from accurate descriptions. I can advise beginning cavers.

Barry Mc Andrew

i am an expert on handball.i can answer questions on the rules of the game,training techniques,strategy and fitness ,the great personalities in the game,history of the game,competitions and clubs to join.

Anthony Cosimano

Platform Tennis (AKA Paddle Tennis). Platform Tennis is played on a court resembling a tennis court but one-third of the size and surrounded by a chicken wire fence which the ball can be played off of in competition. I have been playing Platform Tennis on a National level for over 10 years. With my partner, I currently hold a National Ranking of 7th place. I have played with and triumphed over some of the top players in the nation and have been instructed by a 12 time national champion. I can answer specific questions on rules and regulations, learning to play, where platform tennis can be played (regions, country clubs, public courts, etc.), strategy, type of equipment, entering tournaments, obtaining lessons, playing singles and/or doubles, becoming a member of the APTA, becoming a ranked player, etc.


I can answer basic questions about yoga. What it is, how you can go about starting, that kind of thing. I can`t answer questions on it`s origin and the more detailed things.

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