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Support Engineer with years of on-site and on-call expertise in computer Hardware and OS related issues.


I can answer most No POST problems, compatibility between parts, upgrade options, troubleshooting, etc. Before you ask me a question, please do some research. I do not give PC speed reviews for video games.


I have nearly two decades of experience in IT, computer repair, and related fields and will attempt to provide the most solid, brand-agnostic advice when it comes time to purchase a new computer, or upgrade an existing machine. I can answer anything from the seemingly basic to the downright complicated - and will do my best to provide this information in a clear and concise manner.


Experienced in complete system builds where knowledge of kinds and types of motherboards, processors, and RAM have to be compatible. This includes intermediate knowledge of video card technologies and the troubleshooting and repair of problems associated with said hardware.

Mike Rigsby

Areas of expertise: PC Hardware, Peripherals, Barcode Scanners, Printers, and Applications, Networking, Microsoft Applications. I am good at researching issues and have a lot of contacts in the IT industry. So, if I can't directly answer a question I can likely find the answer. Areas I won't be much help in: Apple Computers, Linux, older Networking technologies like Token Ring, or Thick/Thinnet.

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2017-03-21 Transferring data to new CPU:

Just as a general rule Geek Squad computer guys, even when they are skilled, are under pressure to sell more than they are fix and that can often lead to customers spending more money than they need to

2017-03-21 Transferring data to new CPU:

No worries on the questions. Yeah, you plug the USB drive into the old PC, move whatever files you want over to it, and then you can plug it into the new computer and do the same, just in reverse. Copy

2017-03-21 Transferring data to new CPU:

Your easiest option would be to buy an external USB drive, like this one    They just plug into any USB port on the computer

2017-02-24 desktop tower:

I'm assuming you're referencing the metal (or metal/plastic) side panel that needs to be removed to get at the internal hardware (e.g. motherboard). Dust/hair/etc should be cleared from the machine "as

2017-02-09 Email and crash:

Can you provide more information about:    - The specifics of the computer you have (hardware specs, operating system, etc)? This will be useful for the "should I get a new computer" discussion.    - What

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