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Support Engineer with years of on-site and on-call expertise in computer Hardware and OS related issues.


I have nearly two decades of experience in IT, computer repair, and related fields and will attempt to provide the most solid, brand-agnostic advice when it comes time to purchase a new computer, or upgrade an existing machine. I can answer anything from the seemingly basic to the downright complicated - and will do my best to provide this information in a clear and concise manner.


I can answer most No POST problems, compatibility between parts, upgrade options, troubleshooting, etc. Before you ask me a question, please do some research. I do not give PC speed reviews for video games.

Mike Rigsby

Areas of expertise: PC Hardware, Peripherals, Barcode Scanners, Printers, and Applications, Networking, Microsoft Applications. I am good at researching issues and have a lot of contacts in the IT industry. So, if I can't directly answer a question I can likely find the answer. Areas I won't be much help in: Apple Computers, Linux, older Networking technologies like Token Ring, or Thick/Thinnet.


Experienced in complete system builds where knowledge of kinds and types of motherboards, processors, and RAM have to be compatible. This includes intermediate knowledge of video card technologies and the troubleshooting and repair of problems associated with said hardware.

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2016-12-05 Computer:

Joyce,  The best advice I have for $300 is to go to and shop for laptops. They have some HPs for less than $300. Just a little tid bit of my experiences in buying laptops:  Dell and

2016-11-26 Upgrading my PC:

If you require Windows 98 SE to run a specific program that a newer OS will not run, I recommend replacing the hard drive with another IDE hard drive and reinstalling the OS. Installing a SATA based hard

2016-11-22 Query re PC headsets:

Generally speaking any closed headphone will be inaudible to external listeners at a distance of 5 meters or greater, especially if they are being used at an appropriate sound level. Look at studio headphones

2016-11-14 re install:

If the drive itself isn't so damaged that it can still be imaged to a new one then you can use any of various hard drive imaging programs.    Clonezilla is one that is good and free. http://clonezilla

2016-10-25 keyboard entry:

This can be caused by the system being under heavy utilization, which can lead to input delays for text input (and other forms of input). This can vary from application to application as well, depending

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