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Tony Gallagher

I can answer questions on all interior and exterior painted surfaces. Ranging from new plaster and woodwork to galvanised metal, rusty metal to exterior render stucco, All external timbers from solid oak to tannalised fencing. I have specialist knowledge on Flame Retardent products for Combustiable and Non Combustiable surfaces. Although some product knowledge of Car finishing I do not feel I have enough experience in that field to be able to offer knowledgable solutions.Colour queries are welcome but I have not got a design background and can only answer semi technical questions with regard to colour.

Ed Kuchar

I've been a wallpaperhanger for 40 years. I've been a house painter (interior and exterior) for 38 years. I also do wallpaper removing and wall patching and light skim coating. I can answer any questions concerning: patching and wall preparation for painting or wallpaper, different types of paint, or wallpaper, what type to use for your job. questions about wallpaperhanging & painting how to measure an area for paint or wallpaper. questions concerning different types of wallpaper general questions on how to hang wallpaper (what type of paste, tools, etc.

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2017-03-27 Concrete Finish:

John    There are products which you could use, my difficulty is that I am in the UK and I am unsure of what products are available to you in Louisiana.    External paint treatments need to be flexible

2017-02-22 painting after removing old wallpaper:

Len    My expertise is on the technical aspect of decorating materials and not the colour.    What I am able to tell you is that opacity is affected by the Titanium Dioxide content and not the shade, also

2017-02-21 painting after removing old wallpaper:

Len    Sometimes when giving answers to questions I am fully aware that the answer isn't what the questioner wants to hear !!!!!      From a technical stance I have No Idea how colour will affect adhesive

2017-02-05 Wallpaper fixing in commercial aircrafts.:

Prashant    Whilst I have no experience of hanging wallpaper inside any aircraft, I do not see any reason for not using wallpaper.    A few things to consider though -:    Substrate should be able to accept

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