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Sean Meaney

Hints and guidance on how to get through and eventually stop panic attacks and anxiety.


I am not a doctor. I have however been on this site since 2008 and have answered many questions and helped a lot of people. You are welcome to check my stats. I love to know how you are getting along in months to come after talking with you. I do Care. I answer many questions about panic attacks from living experiences. I believe that I can save some other person from symptoms that I have been through myself. Having someone to talk to about this terrorizing experience always helps. Someone that has been through it and understands! You may ask me anything related to this subject, no matter how awkward you feel. There is nothing funny about anxiety or panic attacks and you will understand a little more about those feelings and, I will give you ways to get it under control.

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2016-12-09 coping with panic attacks at work:

You need to learn to manage panic attacks wherever they occur, work, home, street, shops, anywhere. Its usual if you have a panic attack at a particular place for you to be scared to go back there in case

2016-12-03 Bipolar disorder, anxiety or depression:

Hi,  First of all, I am not a medical expert so I cannot comment on any medication or suspected medical condition you may have.  However, I would say to you that you have to believe experts if they say

2016-12-01 RELAX 2:

Hi,    Don't get confused between the words healthy and normal.  We all worry in our own way and that is part of our natural mechanism.  It only becomes unhealthy when we do it to an extent where it causes

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