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KaRae' Carey, PhD

I can answer questions that pertain to challenges stepparents face, as well as challenges with adjustment and integration of the stepfamily. I can answer questions about psychological, emotional, and social changes that affect adults and children in stepfamilies. I can answer questions that have to do with the emotional and psychological impact of stepfamilies pertaining to child support, visitation, or divorce.

Rick Olson

As a stepparent of 4 children and a family coach, I can answer questions about the issues that arise in step-parenting including discipline,blended families, boundaries and guidelines.

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2016-11-21 Step-parent boundaries:

Claire  You seem like a loving and caring stepmother.  This  is always a difficulty situation... being put between to bio parents.    Just keep being there for this girl.  Give love and a guiding hand

2016-10-24 Stepchildren and Biological Children:

From what you have said, the children just met which is when you found out about how they feel about one another.  You are right to be concerned as children can be one of the be main reasons second marriages

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