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My own dysfunctional youth in an alcoholic family helped me decide to raise my children with love, acceptance, and honesty. It must have worked. We`ve got terrific kids. Those I've answered on this site usually feel I've been helpful in their unique situations. Our world is so much better when we lift instead of crushing. Every child is worth more than any bank can hold. If I can help at all, it will be in teaching both parent and child of their own personal value to humanity, and how to punch through the noise of the moment to find their greater purpose. Together, we can all make a better world.


Questions from parents who are noticing changes in their adolecent and think problems may be brewing, questions regarding specific problems they are already experiencing, information on warning signs if they think their child may be having problems, questions regarding fighting with parents, sibling rivlary, school problems, addiction problems, relationship issues (eg their child is in a relationship and parent has concerns), and anything else you can think of.

Richard Taylor

I can answer questions regarding parenting and child rearing.

Leon Scott Baxter

I can answer questions about raising happy, successful children. The two are synonymous. I would love to help you help your child find his passion or strength, how to encourage your child and give her opportunities, and discuss the importance of failure, perseverance, and resilience. If you have questions about how to get your child to believe in herself or how to parent versus being her friend, I can help. I can answer questions about how to model the right behaviors for your child, and what those behaviors might be for your specific situation. I also can help you deal with excuses: excuses you may be making for your child as well as excuses he is making for himself.

Jason Wittman, MPS

I can answer most question regarding the raising of teens. Since my personal experience has been raising 13 foster sons and an adopted son, I am stronger talking about parenting male teens and young adults. When it comes to teen problems and how to parent them, I am equally well versed with male and female issues. I am also very strong answering substance abuse and addiction issues, teen dating drama, questions about sex and questions relating to same sex issues and concerns.

James Windell

I am a parent trainer, psychotherapist, and author specializing in parenting issues.During the past 40 years I`ve worked with parents with discipline problems and challenging children. I give frequent lectures and workshops related to discipline, social skills, and aggressive children. I consult with various agencies and schools where there are child behavior problems. I am listed in the American Psychological Associations` media panel as an expert on parenting and am frequently quoted in leading magazines and newspapers.

Dr. David Simonsen

I work with teens and parents on a weekly basis. I have learned that one way of parenting doesn't fit every teen. Being able to be flexible and a good listener can really cultivate a great relationship between a parent and teen. I will give you a no-nonsense pratical way to help your relationship

Darleen Claire Wodzenski

On Vacation
returns 12/31/2016
I can address most questions about parenting teens. When questions are too technical in nature or may indicate the presence of psychopathology or special need, I have the training to provide appropriate information to help the parent access local and national resources. Kinds of teen problems include academics, development, emotions, behavior, profanity, respect, sibling issues, parent-child issues, laziness, defiance, sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking, violence, unlawfulness, and issues related to family and societal values.

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Dear Sherrie,    At this point, I am not sure that I have any easy solutions to your concerns. An area that you might immediately attend to is to establish better communication with your son. For this

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Hello Natalia,     I'm sure this is an embarrassing situation for both you and your son. However, since it can't be "undone" and the photos can't be recovered and suppressed, it is something you and your

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