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Melissa Payne

I can answer questions about children from newborn (including preemie) to school age. I can also try to provide emotional support for people who have had a stillborn child. I am a part-time working, stay-at=home, online college attending Mom who has a very hectic schedule and love it. I also have my own blog -, which includes a very affordable email recipe subscription, shirts supporting my site (all proceeds from shirt sales go into my children's savings accounts, so please be generous) and - coming soon - some of my hand crocheted items (pillows and stuffed animals).

James Windell

I can answer questions related to normal child development, disturbed behavior and how to provide appropriate guidance and discipline.

Leon Scott Baxter

I can answer questions about raising happy, successful toddlers (not babies or infants...sorry). The two are synonymous. I would love to help you help your child find his passion or strength, how to encourage your child and give her opportunities, and discuss the importance of failure, perseverance, and resilience. If you have questions about how to get your child to believe in herself or how to parent versus being her friend, I can help. I can answer questions about how to model the right behaviors for your child, and what those behaviors might be for your specific situation. I also can help you deal with excuses: excuses you may be making for your child as well as excuses he is making for himself.

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2017-02-26 Difficult Children Questions & Answers:

At least it was a bulge. When my oldest was 2, she walked in on her dad in the bathroom and thought it was a big piece of poop hanging off him.    I think it's perfectly fine to explain girls and boys

2017-02-22 18 months baby:

Dima,    It's not a problem at all.  He's more than likely still teething and getting used to any teeth he currently has.  Toddlers will tend to chew on their fingers or toys to help ease the teething

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