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James Windell

I can answer questions related to normal child development, disturbed behavior and how to provide appropriate guidance and discipline.

Melissa Payne

I can answer questions about children from newborn (including preemie) to school age. I can also try to provide emotional support for people who have had a stillborn child. I am a part-time working, stay-at=home, online college attending Mom who has a very hectic schedule and love it. I also have my own blog -, which includes a very affordable email recipe subscription, shirts supporting my site (all proceeds from shirt sales go into my children's savings accounts, so please be generous) and - coming soon - some of my hand crocheted items (pillows and stuffed animals).

Elizabeth Norris

I would like to help you raise children who are respectful and responsible and who seek positive outcomes for themselves and their interactions with others. Each child has their own learning style and each family has their own individual culture. I look for creative ways to address problems or concerns that arise when guiding young children. I am an Early Childhood Special Education teacher and work providing support and ideas to families of young children in the home. I have an understanding of typical and delayed development and can identify red flags in children who can benefit from specialized services. I also teach positive parenting courses to help parents understand why children misbehave and to develop strategies to effectively respond to those behaviors while honoring individual family values. I have a specific interest in children labeled as difficult, attention deficit or oppositional defiant. I am committed to finding ways children can positively participate in family or community activities. I empathize with children who donít feel they are fitting in and for parents who worry and feel criticized. I have a sense of humor and look for ways to reduce frustration and to foster playful interactions.

Leon Scott Baxter

I can answer questions about raising happy, successful toddlers (not babies or infants...sorry). The two are synonymous. I would love to help you help your child find his passion or strength, how to encourage your child and give her opportunities, and discuss the importance of failure, perseverance, and resilience. If you have questions about how to get your child to believe in herself or how to parent versus being her friend, I can help. I can answer questions about how to model the right behaviors for your child, and what those behaviors might be for your specific situation. I also can help you deal with excuses: excuses you may be making for your child as well as excuses he is making for himself.

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