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John C. Berg

How to run for office and win, how to lobby, how to promote your political cause effectively, how to get involved in electoral and issue campaigns, how to get a job in politics.

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2017-01-18 Russia:

Yeah, it was pretty clear -- see the MSNBC story at, or the Wikipedia article at

2017-01-17 Russia:

Dear Joyce,    Well, no, I can't tell you, because the intelligence agencies are not disclosing said evidence. That's not surprising -- they never do disclose evidence, as doing so would reveal how they

2016-12-14 a bit of follow-up:

Hello again, David!    First -- and I hope this will be reassuring to you -- the Electors are nominated by each party in each state where that party is running. To take my own state, Massachusetts, there

2016-12-10 election:

Dear David,    Good questions! And it depends on what you mean by 'why?' There is a legal reason why the Electors meet when they do: the Constitution (Article II) gives power to set by law the day when

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Participating in the Political Process

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