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Neha Dahiya MD

Help patients understand the medical terminology of their lab results and / or tissue biopsy reports.

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2016-11-05 Sinus infection:

Hello Amy    H influenza is normally present in the sinuses.   When bacterial titers exceed 1000 colony forming units per milliliter of mucus (cfu/mL), they are considered pathogenic.  So please check

2016-10-21 mucinous adenocarcinoma:

Hello Linda:    The biopsy definitely indicates presence of mutinous adenocarcinoma. It is likely the pathologist was not aware of the PET scan report and labeled it as a metastasis. This means that the

2016-10-03 e6\E7:

Hello Jill     A “presence of high-risk HPV E6/E7 mRNA is suggestive of an increased risk of cervical cancer. It does not co firm presence of cancer.  Current protocol states if PAP is ASCUS and e6/e7

2016-09-20 Spindle cell neoplasm:

Hello Kelli    My apologies for the delayed response.    Your biopsy report indicates that you have a growth which is composed of spindle shaped cells, that is cells which are elongated with tapered ends

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