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Help patients understand the medical terminology of their lab results and / or tissue biopsy reports.

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2016-09-20 Spindle cell neoplasm:

Hello Kelli    My apologies for the delayed response.    Your biopsy report indicates that you have a growth which is composed of spindle shaped cells, that is cells which are elongated with tapered ends

2016-08-14 Thyroid fine needle aspiration:

Hi again:    If the nodule is solitary and small then it will be removed with some of the normal thyroid (partial thyroid tomb). However if there are multiple small or larger nodules entire thyroid will

2016-08-12 Thyroid fine needle aspiration:

Hello Peggy    This FNAC report does not conclusively confirm or rule out thyroid cancer. The features are of follicular neoplasm and most likely be a benign lesion like adenoma. However only way to confirm

2016-08-06 ASCUS E6/E7:

Hello again:    The doctor would have biopsied any suspicious looking area. A pathologist will examine and can tell if the cells in the area are cancerous or are just abnormal and may develop into cancer

2016-08-04 ASCUS E6/E7:

Hello Jill  I apologize for delay in responding to your query.    E6/E7 detection of HPV viral proteins is more sensitive and specific predictor for risk of developing cancer. It does not say one will

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