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Brandon Parsons

I can answer any question regarding Pearl Jam's career, music, albums, songs, setlists,when what song was played, varied versions of songs, lyrics, important dates, members, and general history of the band, all the releases, concert poster info too. Try to keep personal questions about members of the band to a minimum, although I am well versed in Eddie's life. I have a lot of info to fall back on that I have personally experienced.

Wes Miller

I am able to answer almost any Pearl Jam related questions you can think of, I am included in some of the most up to date info PJ issues to the fan club before the public, and I am very knowledgeable in the Alternative music revolution. If you have a question about PJ, I'm the one to ask.

Sarah Knowlton

I know a lot of Pearl Jam`s history, some meanings of songs and all lyrics, and a good deal about Eddie Vedder. I have access to up-to-date Pearl Jam news and Info!

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