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Michael D. Saxe D.M.D.

All questions related to Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Growth, Dental Trauma, First Dental visit, Baby Bottle tooth Decay, Dental Sedation, Etc...


All questions related to Pediatric and preventive dentistry like First Dental visit, Tooth development and eruption, dental anomaly, crooked teeth, tooth decay, nursing caries, prevention of tooth decay,dental Trauma and dental Sedation etc...

Glen Ehrenman D.D.S.

I can answer any question in the field of pediatric dentistry which may include questions regarding interceptive orthodontics.

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2017-03-06 Extraction of Baby Molar Teeth:

Any sedation can have risk. That is why a person who has 2 years of additional training would be my recommendation. This is what a pediatric dentist has to do. General anesthesia has more risk then oral

2017-03-06 Extraction of Baby Molar Teeth:

I would definitely see a pediatric dentist for the diagnosis. His premolars will not be in till 9-10 so spacers will be needed to maintain the space. Kids can have large cavities without pain, is not that

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