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Dr. Taher Kagalwala

I come from India, and have been practising since 29 years. I am specially interested in infections, asthma, newborn care and parenting. I have authored a book on Parenting.It is called "Child Care: From Birth to Eighteen". The e-book is now available on
and on and all local versions, including I have my professional site at Blogger. Here, you can read good advice and also seek a professional online consultation for a small fee. Do check out

Dr Graham Smith

I am accredited in general paediatrics and paediatric nephrology and and am happy to answer questions on both topics. It is not possible or safe to assess acutely sick children through this medium. Such children should be taken to their own doctor, where a full history can be taken and an examination carried out.

Dr Kondekar Santosh Venketraman Pediatrician MD, DNB, Mumbai India, Online Pediatrician


also click here for what to ask a doctor?. download Question answer android app on child health from . Free advice also on topics like asthma epilepsy tuberculosis in children. I am a proud father and a qualified pediatrician with an expertise and interest in counseling parents regarding different aspects of health and disease making them understand children, their health and disease and the doctors.Download android app to ask free questions from Read my reviews/ratings at REVIEWS I do treat and counsel all classes and specialties, I have a special expertise and interest in queries regarding feeding of infants and; the common cold & related illnesses including asthma. I as a friendly doctor, try to help you understand the children, the disease, the treatment and the doctor! At the end, dont forget to add prestige points and nominations for me, as that is the only incentive for me to continue with free service. Affiliated to Seth G S Medical college and KEM Hospital Mumbai India .....

David Olson, MD

I would be happy to attempt to answer any questions about general pediatric topics, either medical issues or behavioral issues. This would include all the various questions one receives in a busy pediatric practice. I`m a board certified pediatrician in northern Michigan and have been in practice for over 15 years. I enjoy the teaching role I have in our practice and would enjoy the opportunity to help others with their pediatric problems.

Dr. Arun Kumar Suri

I can answer questions in the field of general pediatrics-questions regarding the development of children, immunization, feeding, weaning and common childhood problems like fever, cough and recurrent illness. Many of these topics are dealt with on my website Healthy Family Happy Family. Often a mother imagines that her child is sick when in fact there is no problem. Such a mother needs explanation and reassurance. I will not be able to answer specific questions regarding diagnosis.

Dr. Puneet Kumar

I would be happy to answer general queries on prevention and treatment of ailments in newborn, infant, toddler, child or an adolescent. Needless to say, it will not be possible to answer any query requiring specific diagnosis of a particular subject.

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2016-09-18 Diarea in my 4 month old baby boy:

Hi, purva,     Diarrhea is handled differently in your part of the world.  In the USA, we never would stop breast feeding to help with diarrhea.  Breast milk is not causing the diarrhea. If he is healthy

2016-09-16 Vaccination:

Hi Mr. Mawah,    There is no difference between Pentaxim and Pentaxim booster. Both are not recommended in India.    The Indian (IAP) guidelines are clear: Even if baby has receieved DTaP in the past,

2016-09-15 Vaccination:

Hi Mr. Marwah,    I would like to inform you that PENTAXIM and other brands that have DTaP (so called "gentle" or "painless" DTP) are not recommended by IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics) in India after

2016-09-08 Possibility that I was bit by a dangourous spider:

Hi Alex!    Relax!! There is nothing to panic!!!    Any "dangerous" spider-bite will cause serious symptoms within hours of bite, not weeks.    You need to get yourself examined to find out what the swelling

2016-08-31 vaccine detail:

Rajni ji, pranam!    Penta injection mein DTP, Hib aur Hepatitis B hai..Isme PCV aur IPV nahi hai.       Agar aur koi sawaal ho ya clarification chahiye, tow be-jhijhak poochiega...      Best wishes,

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