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Tom Alonzo

I have been a gardener for 20 years with perennials both growing from seed and from nurseries. I went through the Master Gardener Program from Kansas State University Cooperative Extension Service and I answered questions on the Hotline a few years ago for the Wyandotte County Kansas Extension Service. I have also lived in the Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, Kansas and Missouri and am experienced with a variety of climates, soils and weather conditions.

Donna Mack

I am a Master Gardener through the University of Illinois Extension.I can answer questions about pest control, especially voles, rabbits, chipmunks and slugs, and have done so on Dave's Garden Watchdog under the name DonnaMack since 2002. I have a lot of expertise with ornamental grass, hardy roses and old garden roses, minor bulbs such as ornigothalem, chionodoxa and allium as well as most types of lilies. I am knowledgeable about organic methods and I grow perennials, annuals and vegetables from seed.

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2016-12-05 PLanting Azalea Under Large Trees:

Hi again, Jack.    My biggest concern about putting azaleas under your trees is that on the one hand digging too close to tee roots can be bad for the trees, and on the other hand the trees may out compete

2016-12-05 PLanting Azalea Under Large Trees:

Greetings, Jack.    Please let me address your last question first. I have had enormous success discouraging voles (I used to have terrible problems - once losing 50 lilies) by simply planting very small

2016-10-17 Weird looking insect:

Oh, my goodness. I think that he is right!  It's an absolute match to your creature.    It just proves that you were smart to go to someone in your climate.    Kudos to him, and to you!    Thankfully,

2016-10-16 Weird looking insect:

Hello Mary,    It's not a caterpillar. It's a SLUG! Some are brown, some are green, and some are an almost florescent yellow!;_ylt=A0LEV7o3EQRYBx8Ab2gnnIlQ?p=Brown+slug&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002

2016-09-19 Hydrangea "Pinky Winky", new drying up:

Hi Richard,  Thanx for your question.  Yes, I've experienced this.  There are a number of factors that could be contributing to this issue.  The plants could have already been infected with disease at

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