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John Guilford Kerr, CFP, CFA

I can answer questions related to personal financial planning, asset allocation, private equity investment analysis, fixed income, mutual fund, ETF, and stock questions, estate planning (basic), education planning, insurance planning, and business financial planning.

Rob Drury

Retirement planning, tax qualified retirement plans (401(K), IRAs, etc.), mutual funds, insurance used in retirement planning, estate planning (tax planning, transfer of assets, creditor protection).

John D Smith, CFP

On Vacation
returns 04/10/2017
I can answer detailed questions regarding mutual fund investing, retirement planning, education planning and related comprehensive wealth management and investment concerns.

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2017-03-17 Retirement Planning: Social Security:

Hi. Up until recently, the soc sec administration gave you many different options to cusomize your benefits based on your specific situation. However, this rules have now been simplied and options such

2017-02-28 Money Questions:

Hi. Thanks for the clarification.  To answer your question, I doubt that a bank would allow you to use foreign currency as collateral for a loan unless its a bank with foreign operations - which by the

2017-02-14 Money Questions:

Hi. To confirm I understand your question, you have access to US dollars and are wondering if a bank will give you a loan using these US dollars as security? To clarify, are the US dollars in a local US

2017-02-07 Selling Price:

Hi. What you need to do in an instance such as this is calculate your average cost. For example, if you purchased 100 shares at $8, 50 shares at $10 and 25 shares at $12, your average cost of the shares

2017-01-29 Becoming a personal finance counselor, coach,& educator:

Hello Eric,    I confess that I did not recognize these credentialing organizations.  I researched them just a little.       • (NFEC) National Financial Educators Council offers something called the “Certified

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