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Deanna Terry

I am a Public Adjuster who specializes in appraising/valuating general personal property. I can answer questions about personal property coverage and assist with questions about inventory lists and the valuation or pricing of the list. I assist homeowners, other Public Adjusters, and Attorney's for the insured with the proper preparation, development and valuation of their inventory. I can offer consultations and tools to assist the homeowner with learning how to prepare their own inventory list as well as review of inventories prior to submission. Please, I can not help with luxury high end jewelry, fine art or rare antiques.

Kevin Hromas

Insurance related issues in regards to Personal Property (Contents). I am a licensed, executive general adjuster currently holding a Texas resident P&C license (614250), New Mexico non-resident all lines license (248774), Oklahoma non-resident P/F/M license (A299561), Florida non-resident P&C license (E117051) and a National Flood Insurance Program certification (06040100). My areas of expertise involve property and casualty issues in both residential and commercial policies with regards to claims practices and issues. I deal extensively with Lloyd's of London commercial policies and various domestic carriers for residential policies. After a 20 year career as a General Contractor, I was employed by Allstate Insurance as an adjuster in Texas, holding various postitions within the property claims department. After leaving Allstate, I specialized in handling losses associated with major catastrophes through-out the country. (Hurricanes Isabel, Charlie, Wilma, Katrina, Ike, etc., hail storms, floods.) I am currently retained as an expert by multiple insurance defense firms in Texas for issues in litigation in regards to claims issues and practices. I am also a certified Umpire for formal appraisals.

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