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Matthew Grady

Any and all questions regarding bats in houses, attics and chimneys. All questions in regards to bat guano in houses and removing bat guano from attics. All questions regarding squirrel removal, raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Steve Oswalt

My Pest Control and Nuisance Wildlife Removal experience is in Residential, Commercial, Public Housing, Multiple Story Hi Rises, Agricultural facilities. My company is located in Lewisburg, Ohio and our Web sites are

Stephen Vantassel

I was a professional animal damage controller. If you are having problems with squirrels, raccoons, beavers, moles, voles, etc. damaging your property, I can help give you information to resolve that damage. I was an assistant editor for Wildlife Control Technology magazine and have published numerous articles as well as two books in this field.

George E Serdes

My knowledge is in the areas of structural insect or rodent pest problems. I do not know enough about lawn and garden pests to be of any help there...

Nazeer Ahamed

Can Answer : Commodity Protection - Dry staples, scientific storage of agri-commodities, Fumigation of wood packing materials as per ISPM-15 standards, Fumigation of containers, cargo vessel,passenger vessel & commodities etc.

Jack DeAngelis

I can answer questions about the control of pest insects, spiders, mites and related arthropods. These household pests include termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, nuisance ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, and many others. I can also answer questions about using pesticides and other pest control tools such as baits and traps.

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2017-01-20 Drainage insects:

Dear Santosh,    I know of no repellent that would be effective against these insects.      One method that could give you some relief would be to deny them the reason they are there. These insects are

2017-01-19 Drain worms:

Hi Tylo, No health problems from worms, Life cycle Three weeks. That is all the time the drain fly has to live, and yet they make good use of that time in terms of reproduction. In a typical drain fly

2017-01-17 booklice!!:

Dear Jade,    What we refer to as 'booklice' are NOT lice at all. They are an insect known as a psocid. These insects absolutely, positively MUST have moisture to exist. Their food is mold, which requires

2017-01-08 Rodent Infestation:

Dear Elizabeth,    You don't say why you aren't sure they are gone. What did you do to get rid of them? If you haven't yet taken measures to eradicate them, please contact at least three pest control firms

2017-01-01 worms or larvae ?:

May,    This is the larval stage of a beetle. Unfortunately at this stage they can be very difficult to id so the best option is to check any stored food (including pet food) that is in the area. If this

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