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Debbie Ducommun

I can answer any questions about pet rats, but you will probably be able find answers to simple questions more quickly on my website at If you have a life-threatening emergency you can try calling me at 530-899-0605. I am not usually on the computer on the weekend.

Irene Murphy

I can answer a variety of questions regarding adoption and care of pet rats throughout their lifetimes, including questions about their health and well being, temperment, diet, bedding, cages, toys, etc. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability in a timely manner and I have an abundant amount of resources to help me to help you with your pet rats. I love rattie pictures, so include pics with your question if you can. You may ask me medical questions, but please be advised that I am not a vet. I may use my resources to answer some medical questions, however, I will need to refer you to your local vet with medical questions that I feel I am not qualified to address.

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2016-04-20 Need answers sick rat:

Hi Jennifer,  I'm so sorry you haven't been able to find a vet that knows anything about rats. I agree with you that it sounds like she has a pituitary tumor. It is not common for a female with a PT to

2016-04-19 What is wrong with my pet Rat??:

I'm so sorry that your baby is very ill.  I've discussed this with another rat expert and we agree that it's possible it is a PT, especially since she is 18 months old...the time of menopause for most

2016-04-19 Random rat fighting:

Yes!   Absolutely, the addition of Ella is the cause!   And please accept my apology for my delay in responding.    To understand the reason, you need to understand the way the dominance hierarchy works

2016-04-15 Burst eye:

Hi Louise,  As long as she is acting okay, you don't have to euthanize her. A burst eye can heal on its own. What medications are you giving her to treat her respiratory symptoms? See the info below on

2016-04-11 Very Sick Rat:

Hi Jennifer,  I don't think you said how old she is. The therapeutic dose for ibuprofen in rats is actually quite high, 60 mg/lb twice a day, so I find it hard to believe that one lick of the baby Motrin

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