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Debbie Ducommun

I can answer any questions about pet rats, but you will probably be able find answers to simple questions more quickly on my website at If you have a life-threatening emergency you can try calling me at 530-899-0605. I am not usually on the computer on the weekend.

Irene Murphy

I can answer a variety of questions regarding adoption and care of pet rats throughout their lifetimes, including questions about their health and well being, temperment, diet, bedding, cages, toys, etc. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability in a timely manner and I have an abundant amount of resources to help me to help you with your pet rats. I love rattie pictures, so include pics with your question if you can. You may ask me medical questions, but please be advised that I am not a vet. I may use my resources to answer some medical questions, however, I will need to refer you to your local vet with medical questions that I feel I am not qualified to address.

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2014-09-20 Rat peeling and chewing paint:

Hi Lauren,  So, obviously your rat has free roam of your room, is that right? It could be that he is doing this because of the meds he is on. In my experience, pain medication is often not necessary for

2014-09-17 Rat's hyperactivity in cycles:

Hi Paola,  I'm sorry I didn't answer sooner. I meant to, but then forgot.  I have never heard of rats doing this before. It is not normal rat behavior. Maybe there something in their environment that changes

2014-09-09 potential rat adoption:

Please listen to your heart and not to the people that are telling you to get young healthy rats, for a rat's life tends to be short compared to larger pets such as dogs or cats, but the ability to provide

2014-09-08 My Pet Rat's Eye:

Hi Lula, the reddish gunk around rat's eyes and/or nose is called porphyrin.  Some rats always show a little porphyrin around their eyes when they wake up and if this is always the case, then it is nothing

2014-09-07 Lethargic Rat:

Hi Lauren, first I truly apologize for the long delay in responding as I have been ill for over a week.  I hope that it is not too late and that you made a decision already on whether to see the vet.

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