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Debbie Ducommun

I can answer any questions about pet rats, but you will probably be able find answers to simple questions more quickly on my website at If you have a life-threatening emergency you can try calling me at 530-899-0605. I am not usually on the computer on the weekend.

Irene Murphy

I can answer a variety of questions regarding adoption and care of pet rats throughout their lifetimes, including questions about their health and well being, temperment, diet, bedding, cages, toys, etc. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability in a timely manner and I have an abundant amount of resources to help me to help you with your pet rats. I love rattie pictures, so include pics with your question if you can. You may ask me medical questions, but please be advised that I am not a vet. I may use my resources to answer some medical questions, however, I will need to refer you to your local vet with medical questions that I feel I am not qualified to address.

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2016-10-21 rat with mycoplasma:

Hi Lauren,  First of all, let me say that we are probably going to need a conversation back and forth, so if you want you can email me instead at    I want to check the doses of

2016-10-20 rats fur?:

Hi Isabel,  I don't usually bathe my rats, only if they are sick and can't keep themselves clean, so I don't have much experience with baths. Usually, fur that is somewhat water repellent has more of an

2016-10-17 I'm having trouble with an agressive rat.:

Hi Jessica,  I highly recommend having her spayed. That will eliminate her aggression. Just like some male rats who are overly aggressive due to a high testosterone level, some females can be too. Also

2016-10-12 Tamoxifen:

Sorry for the delay. It takes practice. It works best if you hold him around the neck with your non-dominant hand with his feet against your chest so you can hold him down against your chest. Then you

2016-10-12 Tamoxifen:

Hi Linda,   This is not unusual. It must taste really bad. You have to force it by putting it in the back of their throat. This only works to put 0.1 ml in at a time, or they can spit it out. What is the

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