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Debbie Ducommun

I can answer any questions about pet rats, but you will probably be able find answers to simple questions more quickly on my website at If you have a life-threatening emergency you can try calling me at 530-899-0605. I am not usually on the computer on the weekend.

Irene Murphy

I can answer a variety of questions regarding adoption and care of pet rats throughout their lifetimes, including questions about their health and well being, temperment, diet, bedding, cages, toys, etc. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability in a timely manner and I have an abundant amount of resources to help me to help you with your pet rats. I love rattie pictures, so include pics with your question if you can. You may ask me medical questions, but please be advised that I am not a vet. I may use my resources to answer some medical questions, however, I will need to refer you to your local vet with medical questions that I feel I am not qualified to address.

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2016-07-19 Messaged Breeder:

Hi Shady,  No, it does not necessarily mean the babies are defective. When close relatives breed there is more of a chance for the offspring to inherit two copies of recessive genes carrying poor traits

2016-07-19 New Rat Had Babies:

Hi Shady,  The breeder might have a foster mom who will take over caring for the babies. You should ask them. Babies need to be handled a lot to socialize them and make sure they bond to humans and turn

2016-07-13 Dry Skin/Missing Fur:

Hi Shauna,  The picture of her right arm looks like self-barbering. This is a behavior where they nibble their own fur off. We don't know the exact cause, it may be something like obsessive/compulsive

2016-07-08 rats swollen belly:

Is it Debbie Ducommon you've been working with?  If so, go ahead and continue with her and I'll drop off.  No reason to work with two experts for the same issue.      I do want to say that the vet you

2016-06-27 Rat Chewing Bars of Cage:

Hi Marie-Claire,  She is doing this because she wants out of the cage, that's all. If possible, you might try putting a board up in front of the cage when she does it to "punish" her by removing the opportunity

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