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Maciej St. Zięba

I can answer questions concerning Eastern (Oriental) philosophies and philosophers (Indian, Tibetan, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese: Hinduist, Buddhist, Confucianist, Taoist and other; alas not Islamic or Jewish) - both in terms of notions and facts (history of their development). I can write in English, French, Esperanto, Polish and Russian, German, Dutch and Norwegian. I can also understand questions in Spanish and Italian.

Steven R. Storch

Ethics, Existentialism and Phenomenology, Continental Metaphysics


Studying Indian Philosophy for two decades.

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2017-01-20 please answer even it is outside of your expertise i badly need an answer:

Dear Grinca,    it's only because of your desperate cry contained in the question title ("please answer even it is outside of your expertise i badly need an answer") that I do answer your question.   

2016-12-20 Robocop and Frankenstein:

There is no legitimate logical process that fits your description.  However there are a host of informal fallacies that might fit the bill:    1. Equivocation: using a term in more than one sense.  Clever

2016-12-10 Men and women:

Dear Zarra,    if you approach your questions in a simplistic way, your first and third questions, and the first half of the second question have one simple answer: Yes. The second part of the second question

2016-12-10 evil:

Dear Tanya,    the question you are asking youself is a pertinent question that has been raised by hundreds of philosophers from all countries of the world so far, and many of them tried to answer them

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