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Dr. Stephen O. Nelson

I can answer most basic physics questions, physics questions about science fiction and everyday observations of physics, etc. I'm also usually good for science fair advice (I'm the regional science fair director). I do not answer homework problems. I will occasionally point out where a homework solution went wrong, though. I'm usually good at explaining odd observations that seem counterintuitive, energy science, nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, and alternative theories of physics are my specialties.

Steve Johnson

I would be delighted to help with questions up through the first year of college Physics. Particularly Electricity, Electronics and Newtonian Mechanics (motion, acceleration etc.). I decline questions on relativity and Atomic Physics. I also could discuss the Space Shuttle and space flight in general.

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2016-10-23 Lenz's Law and the direction of a magnetic field in a transformer:

Hello Eddie,    The term flux is used to refer to the amount of magnetic field cutting through a surface. This is applied to the secondary of a transformer to write a formula for the emf induced in the

2016-10-20 Ice: is the best reference I know of for this.  However, you will find that the ices it mentions (and it has some detailed information on each, if you click on the

2016-10-19 Lenz's Law and the direction of a magnetic field in a transformer:

Hello Eddie,    The magnetic field in the core is a vector. In fact, it is the resultant vector of 2 component vectors. The primary generates one of the components. (For this next statement, I need to

2016-10-15 Newton's Laws of Motion - Finding Tension:

Well, this is a homework question.  If you bothered to read my profile, you'd realize that I don't answer homework questions. But I can point out a few wrong things that you typed:    1)  There is no horizontal

2016-10-13 spacetime:

You're asking the equivalent of "if this universe was completely different, how would it be different?"  You've postulated a completely different spacetime than we live in, so all bets are off on the existence

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