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David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF

I can answer questions about all aspects of framing, with special emphasis on preservation framing. Categories of artwork include works of art on paper, needlework, textiles, paintings on canvas and three-dimensional objects. Components of framing includes frames, glass/glazing, mats, mounting, their features and how to select them.

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2016-09-28 mats discoloring along the top:

Jacqui,     Ok, I think we may have gotten to the heart of the problem. Just be warned: long explanation ahead.     You say that the mats are described as pH neutral, which is more or less the same as

2016-09-23 mats discoloring along the top:

Hi Jacqui,     The fact that the mat is discoloring only along the top edge makes me think that it has to do with the the open top of the display sleeves. Exposure to air will speed up the process of oxidation

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