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Dr Stephen Vann

Plant Diseases and Disorders of Lawn Grasses, Trees, Vegetables,and Ornamentals

kathy crowley

Tropical plants in Florida, Bamboo, Vines, Fruit trees, Antique Roses, rare plants from around the world.

Melissa Johnston

Plant diseases, landscaping, tropical plants, roses, herbs, plant care, grafting, horticulture, plant identification, anything about plants I can likely answer.

Jim Hyland

On Vacation
returns 12/11/2016
30 years experiance in the ID and management of forest diseases and ID of landscape tree diseases.

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2016-11-28 Cocoplum leaves:

Dear Ann, Help is on the way!  When you have something eating your bushes, but you can't find the bug doing the damage, the best option is to spray with a product containing the active ingredient Spinosad

2016-11-14 Lotus plant's disease:

Dear Kanwaljeet, Greetings.  I have family in northern India, also named Singh.  I am not sure if you planted your seeds first in only soil or if you had them in soil covered by water.  What I have learned

2016-11-12 Leaves falling:

Here is a good artilce on why the trees lose their leaves    The other thing that happens is the internal system of the tree that moves the

2016-11-05 Are Plants Aware:

Brian:    Even though my background is plant diseases, I have always had a curiosity and interest in the subject of your question.  We know that plants respond to stimuli by movements and even electrical

2016-11-02 red apple fungus killer:

Dear Don, There have been a lot of problems in the last few years with the decline of the red apple ground cover, particularly in your area.  A new species of downy mildew has been identified (Peronospora

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