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Jim Hyland

30 years experiance in the ID and management of forest diseases and ID of landscape tree diseases.

Dr Stephen Vann

Plant Diseases and Disorders of Lawn Grasses, Trees, Vegetables,and Ornamentals

kathy crowley

Tropical plants in Florida, Bamboo, Vines, Fruit trees, Antique Roses, rare plants from around the world.

Melissa Johnston

Plant diseases, landscaping, tropical plants, roses, herbs, plant care, grafting, horticulture, plant identification, anything about plants I can likely answer.

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2016-10-14 Brown spot, scale, or something else?:

Sherry:    If these spots were scale insect,they should be raised somewhat and can be removed by gentle scraping them with your fingernail.    If the spots were fungal or bacterial in nature,they would

2016-10-11 alstonia tree disease:

Dear Suneel,  If the worms have eaten all the leaves off the trees, then at least they have moved on and are no longer in the area.  However, I also have seen the pictures that you sent me today where

2016-09-29 alstonia tree disease:

Dear Suneel,  I am very sad that these trees which you purchased just a few days ago already have worms.  However, you will be able to fix this problem.  The worms might actually be some sort of worm in

2016-09-01 Trouble with Spruces:

This maybe the problem  I would water once a week and water with two gals Do this If it does not rain that week. This will take care of the

2016-08-26 Madagascar palm:

Dear Sean, That is a very impressive pachypodium or Madagascar palm.  I was very surprised to see the hole near the top, but it is actually not too uncommon.  This happens a lot with extremely spiky plants

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