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Jay Nicholas

Plumbing & Heating (warm air, hot water & steam heat)


I have worked in Electrical Engineering for 30 years in power distribution and am now a Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Designer, but I am a handy homeowner more than anything else and have a lot of skills when it comes to home repairs. Bathroom remodeling, flooring, painting, reconditioning old wood items, plumbing, car repairs and troubleshooting most problems. I think of myself more of a teacher than someone that is going to tell you exactly what you have to do, but I will share as much info as I have to help get your problem fixed, so if you are not interested in learning then don't ask me a question or rate me if you don't like my answers. To me, it is all about the journey so lets share the trail for a short ride and see where it takes us! I also want to give thanks to both my Mom, who has passed and my Dad, who raised us with the "Can Do" attitude and instowed such confidence in not only my life but everyone that ever came in contact with them. You can do anything that you set our minds too if only you can break it .....

Bob Tabor

I am a Water Well Driller and Water Pump technician. I own a business in Riverview, Fl. We repair motors and pumps in shop and in the field. We repair and replace submersible and jet pumps, galvanized and bladder tanks, and their controls. Water filtration is another one of our specialties.

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2016-10-15 Leaky Tub Faucet:

Rebecca,  Thank you for the pic. Now I have a better idea of what you are dealing with. The golden colored nut with the flats for removing is called a bonnet nut. You willed a small crescent wrench or

2016-10-14 Leaky Tub Faucet:

Hi Rebecca,  The problem is the faucet washers and perhaps the washer seats  are worn out. The washers are and easy fix. The seats are another  thing. First, the washers. Turn off the water supply to the

2016-10-08 Frost Free Faucet Stem:

Ted, you probably have a washer or oring    t the end of that is distorted or swelled. Try twisting left or right as it might also need to be threaded out. If that doesn't do it pull while twisting   Often

2016-09-24 Installing a toilet upstairs:

Linda,   If the line for the second floor toile goes from the toilet down to the basement, a vent must be installed before the pipe elbows down from the second floor and it must terminate into an existing

2016-09-17 householdwater system:

Hi again Linda,    A lot of people think adding a tank will improve pressure.  It won't.  The 1/2" feedline is a problem.  3/4" would be much better in PVC.  Now, CPVC is smaller inside diameter than PVC

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