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Bob Tabor

I am a Water Well Driller and Water Pump technician. I own a business in Riverview, Fl. We repair motors and pumps in shop and in the field. We repair and replace submersible and jet pumps, galvanized and bladder tanks, and their controls. Water filtration is another one of our specialties.

Jay Nicholas

Plumbing & Heating (warm air, hot water & steam heat)


I have worked in Electrical Engineering for 30 years in power distribution and am now a Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Designer, but I am a handy homeowner more than anything else and have a lot of skills when it comes to home repairs. Bathroom remodeling, flooring, painting, reconditioning old wood items, plumbing, car repairs and troubleshooting most problems. I think of myself more of a teacher than someone that is going to tell you exactly what you have to do, but I will share as much info as I have to help get your problem fixed, so if you are not interested in learning then don't ask me a question or rate me if you don't like my answers. To me, it is all about the journey so lets share the trail for a short ride and see where it takes us! I also want to give thanks to both my Mom, who has passed and my Dad, who raised us with the "Can Do" attitude and instowed such confidence in not only my life but everyone that ever came in contact with them. You can do anything that you set our minds too if only you can break it .....

Cortez (cort) Cate

On Vacation
returns 12/31/2016
PLEASE read this entire introduction. I have been doing this for a long time and I have come to the conclusion that if you are not willing to take the time to write a detailed question then don't expect a detailed solution! I am getting far to many questions that do not give enough detail to warrant a good solution. I realize it is a little difficult to formulate a good question but if you want a good answer you have to give me good this entire introduction please....remember this website is world wide I have no clue where you live if you don't tell give more detail on the fixture you are having problems with...a one piece eljer 3.5 gallon flush will be totally different than a one-gallon flush toto.....details are important. I can answer most questions related to residential and commercial plumbing for many buildings. I have sufficient knowledge of the UPC and UMC. I will speculate for you if necessary. In those cases I will try to give you some guidance and you should use that to refine the question further and we, together, can seek the answer via .....

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2016-11-24 wiring to submersible well pump in conduit?:

Yes, I'm quite sure it was code in 84.  The black pipe your referring to is Poly pipe and is very good for underground use.  Nothing wrong with PVC conduit either, it should be grey in color though.  And

2016-11-23 wiring to submersible well pump in conduit?:

HI Mary,    I have lived in Florida for over 30 years and we don't bury much here.  When I lived in Michigan, we all buried the wire in poly pipe which was the same color and type as the water pipe.  It

2016-11-09 Joining pvc at different angles:

Hi Steve,  I would cut a wye in to the horizontal line(background pipe) and lay it slightly less than flat then I would use a couple 45 and or street 45's to make the desired angle.  A straight 45 on the

2016-10-28 Gas Heat - Air separator:

Jeff, your plumber is wrong. That vent is replaceable. Taco uses a high capacity vent that threads in. Unless you have service valves installed where you can isolate the system, you will have to bring

2016-10-18 Stainless-Steel Sink Surface Damage?:

Hi Alex, Sorry to hear about your accident. I had answered this question a few days ago but for some reason it didn't post. So I'll do it now.  I haven't had much experience cleaning stainless but I have

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