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Maciej St. Zięba

I am native Polish and from time to time I teach Polish to foreigners. I know (passively of actively) more than 15 other languages - so I can answer many questions concerning Polish grammar, pronounciation, spelling, etymology and usage - as compared to English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Esperanto or Norwegian. Also questions concerning other Slavic languages, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan, or general linguistics, especially scripts (writing systems and transcriptions) - are welcome.

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2017-02-18 Surname Wlazlowski:

Dear Jo,    your request for a help is very vague, I cannot see any question there, I do not know what your problem is. If it is only that the surname seems to cease to exist or at least to be pretty uncommon

2017-01-12 Polish Derivative for Grandfather:

Dear John,    I am not sure if I understand correctly your question. There are a few ways to say granfather or grandpa in Polish.     I. In Novinative case (i.e. when talking about him, e.g. in 'My Grandpa

2016-12-05 Follow-up to Rřnne / Rynne:

Dear Tom,    I have to admit, that I see no reason for that. Were he Dutch, I would say this is the letter "ij" (see: ). I was thinking that maybe this is

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