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Kim Wingate

I can answer general questions about Poodles. My specific area of expertise is Standard Poodles, but I will answer all questions about Poodles and dog related questions if I can. If I can't answer your question, I will be able to find information or someone who can.

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2016-09-15 Poodle:

Hello Margaret,   Sorry to hear about your puppy. Sounds like it could be either an inner ear problem or a neurological problem. I suggest that you get a Vets opinion about this. If its an inner ear problem

2016-07-29 Breeding Westies:

Hello Leslie,   Most females tend to be ready to breed around day 9-11. Sometimes your female will let you know she is ready, sometimes not. She may stand for the male or tease him. If this is so, let

2016-06-30 toy poodle colour:

Hello Sonia,  Let me start off by saying that those puppies are Totally Adoreable and the one in the middle with the darker nose (I think I see three pups anyway, that first puppy looks like its hiding

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