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Dan Werner

All aspects of the game, strategy, runs, etc. Main focus is 8ball, 9ball, and straight pool. Pattern Play, 2-way shots, kicks, banks, throws, trick shots, shot selection, caroms, league play, safety play, and more. Don't ask me about cue's, manufacturers, how much a table is worth, etc. I just don't know.


I have wide ranging knowledge of all the cue sports, with the exception of snooker. I can answer most questions related to playing any of the standard games such as straight pool (14.1 continuous) eight-ball, nine-ball, one-pocket and 3-cushion billiards and the variations on these games. Questions welcomed regarding technique, strategy and rules, history of the sport, trick shots, the mental game, practice, practice drills, pool/billiards publications, and so on. I DO NOT DO CUE OR TABLE APPRAISALS OR IDENTIFICATION. See below.

Bill Newsted

I can answer questions related to shot-making, aiming, position play, strategies, practice, mental preparation and the psychology of the game. Also, rules as they vary from venue to venue and how to become a winning player. I have experience recovering and maintaining tables and will also answer questions related to cues and billiard equipment. However, I prefer not to make brand recommendations. I do not offer information identifying old tables and equipment or estimating their values.

Stephen Summers

I can answer questions with precise answers to just about anything related to billiards. I am very knowledgeable of almost every brand of billiard table / equipment. I have extensive knowledge of many antique pool / billiard / snooker / carom and three cushion billiard tables. I can also answer questions about pool cue repairs.

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2016-11-22 Handicapping:

Hi James,    Many ways to accomplish this, but depends on who is playing and what their level is.    If all are APA players, then that would be the easiest.  If not, I might suggest ranking the players

2016-10-11 Pool Table:

Without at least seeing a picture of your table I am unable to help much. Brunswicks website has a link for their antique pool tables. You can look it up there but you wont be

2016-10-07 Billards:

As long as the q ball did not kiss any balls before contacting the 8 ball and the 8 ball went in the called pocket then it doesn't make any difference why or how any other balls go down or not as long

2016-08-24 cue:

That's awesome. It appears to worth at least 200.00 and quite possibly up to 600.00 depending on the exact size of it's joint area and it's straightness. Most people interested in buying it will chop it

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