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Patricia Morrisroe

I have bred Royal Dandie Miniature Pigs for over 20 years. I can answer any questions about care, feeding, training, personalities, differences from other Miniature pet pigs, how to litter box train, leash training, bathing, What supplements they need, how to house them.

Helen Morrison

Pot-bellied or other miniature pet pig care, including diet, housing, training, health care. Can provide information about zoning, adoption, supplies, and organizations. Questions about any kind of pet swine are welcome!

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2017-01-08 They eat the puppy pads:

It sounds like these two pigs are not potty trained. Also, their weight may be making it hard for them to get in and out the doggie door.    If dogs or puppies have pottied on their bedding, then the bedding

2017-01-06 Pot bellied pig:

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis or prescribe medication over the internet.    IF you know exactly what is wrong with piggy, there are safe, over the counter remedies. The problem

2017-01-05 Potty training problem:

I am not a veterinarian, but peeing everywhere, including in bed, is often a sign of urinary infection. So the first step is to rule that out by taking piggy to a vet.     You said that she pees just 10

2016-12-31 Anemia/iron supplements:

Hello,  Sorry to hear about your little guy!  Unfortunately with the paralysis it could be affecting him internally also.  Yes......a good Supplemental Vitamin would not hurt at all.  You should be able

2016-12-30 My 2 month old pig:

Pigs have three sets of teeth in their lives.They are born with the first set, the final adult molars erupt between ages 2.5 - 3 years. So basically, piglets are teething from the time they are born until

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