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Helen Morrison

Pot-bellied or other miniature pet pig care, including diet, housing, training, health care. Can provide information about zoning, adoption, supplies, and organizations. Questions about any kind of pet swine are welcome!

Patricia Morrisroe

I have bred Royal Dandie Miniature Pigs for over 20 years. I can answer any questions about care, feeding, training, personalities, differences from other Miniature pet pigs, how to litter box train, leash training, bathing, What supplements they need, how to house them.

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2016-08-27 Pig sick after being spayed:

Hello,  Anesthetic can be very hard on them.  As it slows down their digestive system they should only eat very small amounts of their feed the day after surgery with lots of water.  I will often put vegetable

2016-08-26 Keystone(potbelly pig):

The ideal way is to teach piggy to let you file hooves with a nail or wood file. Start by teaching piggy to let you play with hooves and feet every night. Just mess with them at first, then use a human

2016-08-05 Wheat germ oil:

I would not give any wheat germ oil, unless a veterinarian suggests it as a remedy for a health issue.    Mini pig food is designed to contain all the nutrition a pig needs. But, it lacks fiber, and pellets

2016-08-03 Pig problem:

Your message does not indicate where you are, but there is a partial list of vets who see pet pigs at  Dr Wilbers in Quakertown PA  will work with other veterinarians

2016-08-02 Sick pot belly pig:

African violets are safe to eat. A whole lot of them might give piggy a little indigestion or mild diarrhea, but nothing serious.    If piggy acts like something is seriously wrong, piggy may have eaten

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