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Patricia Morrisroe

I have bred Royal Dandie Miniature Pigs for over 20 years. I can answer any questions about care, feeding, training, personalities, differences from other Miniature pet pigs, how to litter box train, leash training, bathing, What supplements they need, how to house them.

Helen Morrison

Pot-bellied or other miniature pet pig care, including diet, housing, training, health care. Can provide information about zoning, adoption, supplies, and organizations. Questions about any kind of pet swine are welcome!

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2016-12-02 spaying my mini pig:

Spaying is best As she gets older, she'll go into heat. Pigs in heat can be aggressive and forget their potty training. They may pick another animal or person to be their "mate". They are escape artists

2016-11-30 Pot bellie pig:

Yes they can eat hay. Hay is thin, flat dried blades of grass, used as animal feed. Straw is the stems leftover from harvesting grains. They are stiff, hollow tubes that trap air and make warm, comfy bedding

2016-11-30 Causes of spotty hemmorhaging on 5-month Juliana?:

I am not a veterinarian and can not provide a diagnosis or treatment over the internet.    I personally have never heard of this combination of symptoms.     Dr Wilbers from Quakertown Veterinary Clinic

2016-11-25 Miniature pig swollen vulva:

She is in heat. In a few days everything will return to normal. You might want to talk to her vet, though, because pigs go into heat every three weeks. If her spay is scheduled for three weeks from now

2016-11-13 Lumbosacral disc prolapse:

Overweight pigs are prone to back injuries. Misshapen or overgrown hooves can cause arthritis and make a minor back problem into a big one. Walking on slippery surfaces, which you mentioned, going up and

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