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Pastor G

I am glad to answer questions about the Scriptures, Systematic, Biblical and Historic Theology, New Testament Greek, Biblical Hebrew (although my Greek is stronger than my Hebrew); and I am also glad to give pastoral advise and counsel.

Chris Larimer

Reformed / Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, New Testament, Church History, Philosophical Theology, Apologetics, Preaching/Homiletics, Sacraments, and Liturgy are all specialties in which I have some expertise. I've been told I have a "knack" for Practical/Pastoral Theology as well.

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2016-08-05 List of all moral laws of God:

The idea of an enumeration of laws is part of the Jewish legalism that the apostle Paul opposed.    Martin Luther (in some ways laying the foundation for later Dispensationalism) made a hard and fast distinction

2016-08-01 Full preterism?:

Hello, Nathan. Are you in Florida now>    I am not familiar with this work at all, so thank you for providing the text (and the link, although I'm afraid I don't have time to read the whole work right

2016-07-01 the breath we received:

Hi Kirk,    That's a great question. Your follow up statement also shows a lot of wisdom ("not asking how God did this, or how God made our life").    It's significant to note that in Hebrew the word for

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