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Oleg Flaksman

I can help with general private investigative question including procedures and legal aspects of surveillance, child custody, asset searches, background searches, due diligence, accident investigations, divorce investigations, domestic investigations and more!

Harvey E. Morse

Private Investigation, missing people, missing heirs to estates, probate research, law enforcement issues.

Warren Pulley

I can answer all questions regarding law enforcement situations, private investigation questions, some military security and law enforcement related questions as well as(PMC's)private military armed contractor inquiries.

Marc "Animal" MacYoung

My specialty is crime prevention, crime avoidance and surviving high-risk situations. My books are known internationally as a realistic approach to self-defense and survival in street conditions. I teach police, military and others `professional use of force.` I do have extensive martial arts training, I can answer questions about wing chun, kali and silat and general commercialized martial arts effectiveness in self-defense situations. I cannot answer specific questions about popular sport style martial arts.

Kevin Bousquet

Questions relating to the law and private investigators, trying to collect a judgment, child support, asset investigation, corporate investigation, due diligence, finding missing persons. Closing a safe business deal. Fraud and Fraud Avoidance Issues. Trying to collect from people working for cash. The Corpa Group Inc. is a 17 year old agency. Kevin Bousquet has been in the private investigation business since he was 19. Now in his 40s Kevin runs one of the top agencies in North America.

Jason Grabill

Legal issues regarding Maryland Private Investigators, Helpful hints, what to know, and who to contact in the Maryland area, general information on Private Investigation, Security Guards, and the 'do's and dont's' of starting your own business in this interesting field.

Jeffrey Hauck

I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions about the business operations, duties, and ethics of the modern professional private detective/private investigator.

Chris Cantrell

On Vacation
returns 10/31/2016
Most investigation related questions including General Investigations, Surveillance, Undercover work, Accident Investigations, Missing persons, Evidence related questions and person security/protection questions. I do not prefer to answer domestic related questions such as divorce or child custody but I would be glad to review them.

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2016-09-26 Avoiding capture:

With all due respect, although Rey capable of providing you with a comprehensive response, Based upon your question, I am uncomfortable in providing a response. My hesitation is not only in a direct answer

2016-08-21 Facebook fraud:

In regards to your questions in chronological order:    1. Yes, it is possible to create a bogus Facebook account with a fictitious email and phone, but they would have to exist someplace for the required

2016-08-18 Infidelity:

Ronald,    It may be possible that someone else setup this account but based on what you said, it is very unlikely considering that account was open on her tablet. The only way to confirm this from an

2016-08-10 Is deleting my own video a felony?:

No this is not a felony and not even a crime. Private persons are under no obligation to assist the police in any investigation or to even report a crime.  This detective appears to be trying to apply

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