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Clyde Oliver

I can answer all questions up to, and including, graduate level mathematics. I do not have expertise in statistics (I can answer questions about the mathematical foundations of statistics). I am very much proficient in probability. I am not inclined to answer questions that appear to be homework, nor questions that are not meaningful or advanced in any way.

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2016-10-08 Odds in winning.:

Assuming the payout is the same, then yes, the two games are the same.    Each lottery ticket is (essentially) independent -- they are random, so winning or losing one has no effect on the next ticket

2016-09-26 division:

Your idea sort of makes sense -- you could divide up the 4088, then divide the remainder, and then the remainder, until the remainder was very small (less than $1 or $0.01 perhaps).    However, there is

2016-08-30 Science fiction story with maths odds:

Well, first of all, this game isn't very safe at all. If you spin a roulette wheel and land on 00, they don't shoot you. There would be thousands of people killed at casinos all over the world. This would

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