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Alan Auerbach

Taught psychology for 30 years, authored four textbooks. Specialize in introductory and industrial/organizational psychology, but will tackle wider range of areas.

Daniel Keeran

I am able to answer questions about relationships, parent, child, self-help, marriage, counseling, depression, sexual abuse, rape trauma, bereavement, grief, death of loved one, child abduction, conflict at work, separation, divorce, break-up, fear of remaining single, infertility, childlessness, anger management, verbal abuse, family violence, repeating unhealthy relationships, substance abuse, addiction, childhood abuse, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, co-dependency, porn addiction, religious alienation, bi-polar disorder, homelessness, anti-social personality, foster care, borderline personality disorder, psychology, mental health, counseling skills, adoption, bankruptcy, insomnia, agoraphobia, social anxiety FREE PDF DOWNLOAD "Counseling In A Book"

Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D.

any related to psychology, especially related to forensic psychology

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2017-03-20 Sudden Racing Thoughts:

Hi to you Jeffrey    Seems like your life is momentarily stressful on several fronts. I'd tell you to take a long walk, drink a cool beer, go to church, or jump up and down -- if there was any evidence

2017-03-06 Am I hallucinating?:

Hi Rohan    A "strong mental image" is just that, and can be a common and harmless result of an active imagination.  When the imagining actually BECOMES the change, then it's a hallucination.    "My goodness

2017-02-09 Self injury disorder or masochism?:

Hi Claire      A-  Either or both. Depends on whether the objective is to mutilate, especially if followed by regret (pointing to the latter), or simply to enjoy the excitement (then the former).     B-

2017-02-08 Is this considered masochism or self infury?:

fantasies are not the same as self injury, no. Bruising oneself purposely would, of course, be self harm. Some people do it as a religious ritual, and are not bothered by it. For those persons, we would

2017-02-08 Query re diagnostic term:

well, it is impossible to diagnose someone with such limited information. It would also be unethical to try to do so via email. In addition, even if a doctor COULD accurately diagnose you via email, that

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